Who is Jasper Vanderlucht?

This is me… Jasper, earth citizen, 47 y/o, dancing and singing through life, attracting everything my heart could ever desire. After over 20 years of personal development (with major ups and downs), three years of hermit mode in which I made part of my inner and spiritual journey, I decided to break my anonymity. Although Vanderlucht is not my real last name, and I keep my place of residence undisclosed, I felt that I needed to reveal the face behind our Facebook group.

All my life, I have been someone who works tirelessly behind the scenes. Attention or the spotlight was not for me. Let me just do what I’m good at. Because there are increasingly more questions coming in from members of the Facebook group about who I am and what my background is, I have decided to briefly introduce myself.

Who is Jasper Vanderlucht?

As a son of a narcissistic father I was pretty damaged when I reached the age of 17. I broke with him and felt a need to work on myself but didn’t know where to start. As an ADHD (I didn’t know at that time yet). I fled reality into alcohol, drug use, and mischief with my friends.

For my 20th birthday, I received a book as a gift introducing me to the work of Freud. Subsequently, my interest led me to the work of Wilhelm Reich, and then I proceeded to read the complete works of Alexander Lowen on bioenergetics. I attended countless workshops, breathing sessions, lectures, seminars and worked on myself through therapy. From there my interest shifted to NLP, and I had myself trained as a NLP Master Practitioner.

From that point in my life, I began to take an interest in spirituality. I read the books of Joe Dispenza, HeartMath publications, all 12 books of Gregg Braden, A Course in Miracles, and all Law of Attraction books. My spiritual journey was mostly about devouring books, discussing them with some friends, and putting all knowledge into practice.

I see myself as a light worker, raising awareness, helping people find their life’s purpose, and helping them to interpret what is happening around them. Also, I have been (as I see it) at the cradle of the rise of consciousness (spiritual revolution) worldwide that’s going on right now, as you can read in the next paragraph.

Q Movement and positivity

The idea of spreading positivity also stemmed from my involvement in the Q Movement between November 2017 and 2020. For many, it’s a conspiracy theory. I am very well aware it was a psyop, but the result was that with my 11K members group on MeWeWe researched everything and were the internet Secret Service.

It was an impactful period in my life. It left me with traumas, nights without sleep filled with tears of sorrow. Although it was a ‘dimension’ of negativity, it only motivated me to focus on bringing positivity into the world. Now it has become my life mission.

Life goals

As a child, I was already fascinated by how people talked about my late grandfather. They all called him a respectable person, a good guy, and someone who always wanted the best for the people around him. I wanted the same for myself: if I ever die, I want to be remembered as a good person, someone who wanted the best for everyone.

I decided to formulate it for myself as follows: I want to be someone who sends out positivity, someone who shows people how beautiful life is, and above all, who inspires people to do the same for those around them.

Jasper Vanderlucht on Facebook

In 2021, I started an insignificant group on FB with around 50 members, where I posted about my spiritual experiences. I had just pikcked up meditation again, set new goals for myself through positive affirmations, and visualization using NLP techniques, and I worked on my heart coherence daily. The number of members grew steadily, and posts increasingly aligned with the ideology of Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, and Gregg Braden. For that reason, I decided to change the name of the group to connect with other enthusiasts.

From there the fan group exploded to over 300K members. With a daily time investment of 2-2.5 hours, it’s become a part-time job, so it’s quite intensive. I tried to work with moderators in the past but that was not a success so I decided to do it alone.

Anyway, I hope most questions about me and my background are answered. I hope you understand I also need some privacy. đŸ™‚

Peace and all thanks for being part of my journey,

Who is Jasper Vanderlucht

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