The field: are information and energy the basis of our universe?

The field quantum

The field, or the matrix, is a name that has fascinated humanity for thousands of years. Until recently, scientists, philosophers, and, everybody who thinks about life, in general, could only make assumptions about what is surrounding us. What is the ’emptiness’ that surrounds us? What is the universe filled with besides the planets, stars, and meteors? Modern science – and quantum physics in particular – finally gives us the answer: our universe is an infinite sea of ​​information and energy.

It is fascinating to consider that our planet’s oldest writings already pointed to the relatively recently obtained scientific insights about our universe. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Vedas already suggested that the universe was filled with energy. The Dead Sea scrolls and writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans also pointed to a “universal something” (uni versum).

What is The field?

The field is an endless sea of ​​information and energy that connects everything in the universe. The field is thus an inexhaustible source of wisdom from which we draw.

Within The field, there is a place where everything begins, a place of pure energy. Everything is possible there, everything ranging from our success, abundance, and healing, to failure, shortages, and illness. Everything starts there. Through our perception, such as imagination, expectation, judgment, and passion, we give meaning to our reality, and the field manifests that reality since it’s holographic in nature.

In physics, a field is an area under the influence of some kind of force, like gravity or electromagnetism. A field theory generally refers to and explains why physical phenomena happen and how these interact with nature.

The four fundamental forces are:

Gravitational interaction: Gravity is the attractive interaction that affects all the universe’s bits, whether large or small. While undiscovered, the theoretical particle for this force would be the graviton.

Electromagnetic interaction: Electromagnetism refers to interactions that affect electrically charged particles, particularly for types of light. The particles for this force are called photons.

Strong interaction: This is the force that binds together neutrons (neutrally charged particles) and protons (positively charged particles) into a nucleus inside the atom, which is the basic unit of a chemical element. The particles for this force are the gluons.

Weak interaction: This force causes some radioactivity types and is active on small particles such as electrons, quarks, and neutrinos. The particles for this force are the W and Z bosons.

Everything is connected

Everything within the universe is interconnected. The old paradigm in which we see everything separately has been invalidated by the most modern quantum physics insights. The “empty” air between us is not “empty” at all but filled with energy and information.

Everything in our universe is connected energetically through this infinite field of information. While we used to believe in the “Butterfly Effect” – basically the question of cause and effect – quantum physicists have discovered that time is irrelevant. This means that an event is not the result of another event. In our universe, all possibilities and outcomes already exist. All of these possibilities and outcomes have communicated with each other through the infinite field of information.

With these insights in mind, we must see ourselves as part of a greater whole. We are even this greater whole.

Holographic universe

Just as we are part of a greater whole, we also reflect this greater whole ourselves. You may remember those ribbed holographic cards from the 1980s. On which, if you turned them against the light, you saw the image move. These were holographic images.

A holographic universe sounds complicated, but it is not. In effect, it means that every particle of the universe, however small, reflects the greater whole in it and thus already contains it. Suppose you have a holographic image of a superhero, then every particle of the hologram contains the superhero’s complete image, but in miniature.

The universe works the same: I am not “I” and you are not “you.” We are all part of the whole. And together, we reflect on our universe.

Tap into the field, the endless universe

The big question is: how do we make contact with The field? How can we make use of that endless sea of ​​information and energy? How can we create our own future? All these kinds of questions come together because both the workings of our brains and the universe are holographic.

Scientists have discovered that you can contact the universe by “speaking” the language of the universe. The language of the universe is emotions and feelings. Since everything is reflected in our holographic universe, this means that negative emotions send negativity into the universe, which in turn reflects and returns it neatly.

On the other hand, positive emotions cause positivity to be sent back from the universe. This is also an explanation of why things usually go well with positive people.

Train yourself in positivity, and you will be able to make endless use of the universe’s infinite intelligence and energy!

Properties of The field

The field has a number of properties. Gregg Braden describes these characteristics beautifully and very extensively in his book The Divine Matrix. Below I briefly summarize the principles for you.

1. The Field is the container of the universe, the bridge between all things, and the reflection of what we send out into the universe

2. Everything in The Field is connected to each other.

3. In order to use the power of the universe, we must see ourselves as part of that whole and as a participant in it, not as a separate person who is overwhelmed with things “happening” to him/her.

4. Once you have made contact with someone or something, you will always stay connected. Whether the connection remains physical or not, it doesn’t matter.

5. Focusing on our consciousness creates creation. Consciousness creates!

6. We have all the capabilities to create the changes we choose.

7. The focus of our attention becomes our reality.

8. Simply saying that we are choosing a new reality is not enough. We have to feel it and be convinced of it.

9. Feeling and emotion is the language of The field. Feel yourself as if you have already reached your goal, and the universe will answer your feelings. That is also the basic principle of the Law of Attraction.

10. Not every feeling will suffice. The emotions that cause creation should not involve ego or judgments.

11. The laws of nature do not bind us as we know them today.

12. In a holographic universe, every particle reflects the whole, and together all particles make up the whole.

13. The universally connected hologram of consciousness promises that the moment we create our wishes and desires, they have already been received at their destination.

14. Through the hologram of consciousness, every change in our lives is reflected everywhere in our world.

15. The minimum number of people required to cause a change in consciousness is √1% of the population. (see explanation Global Coherence Project below)

Heart Coherence and The Field

Heart coherence is a psychophysiological state characterized by optimal order and harmony in both our psychological (mental and emotional) and physiological (physical) body processes. In a state of coherence, the heart, our lungs, and our brain work together flawlessly.

This means that when we are in a state of heart coherence, we can make optimal contact with The Field, with the matrix of infinite intelligence.


Many people wonder how they will know if they “have contact with The field”. You are in contact with the matrix when you start to notice synchronicities in your daily life. More and more often, you come across “coincidences” that unfold in your interest. You look at the clock at 11:11 or 12:12, just “by chance” when you think about your future goals.

The point is to learn to recognize these synchronicities. You will notice that puzzle pieces will fall into place and that the road to your dream goals becomes more and more detailed. This is the process in which the universe is working for you. It feels like you are in a flow and everything seems to go by itself.

Global Coherence Project

The Global Coherence Project is a project in which people worldwide come together in a heart coherence state with a specific goal. This goal could be to create peace, to limit road casualties, or simply to bring positivity into the world.

The first experiments with this project were carried out in the Middle East during the 1980s. The war between Israel and Lebanon claimed many victims. In an experiment called the International Peace Project in the Middle East, thousands of people were taught how to bring particular energy into the universe through transcendental meditation.

On the days when they meditated together each month, at different times, the number of terrorist attacks decreased, fewer people were taken to the hospital, and even the number of road casualties decreased.

Since the experiment took place at different times and unannounced, the scientists were able to determine with certainty that the prayers of the meditators were related to the decreased violence. It was a fact that after the peace meditation was ended, the violence immediately increased again.

These experiments show that with regard to The Field, with the help of our emotions, we can actually steer reality with our intention, provided it is sincere and does not relate to the ego and judgments.

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