The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden, book review

The Divine Matrix Gregg Braden Review

The title The Divine Matrix didn’t really appeal to me initially; the book was on the table for quite some time before I even started reading. Not only the title prevented me from starting, but the description on the back cover of the book also resisted: quantum physics, DNA, forgotten texts. But!!!! I am so glad I did read this book!! It fits perfectly in line with the books of dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

This will put your world upside down

This is by far one of the best books you will ever read. In 210 pages, author Gregg Braden turns your whole world upside down. Everything you thought you knew suddenly becomes unsettled. Everything you thought was an undeniable truth turns out to be based on assumptions. But what is reality then?

The Divine Matrix in a nutshell

The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden is divided into three parts, which in turn are divided into chapters.

Part 1 The Divine Matrix: the mystery that connects everything

In this section, Braden describes our universe from a quantum perspective. He shows that the air and the emptiness with which we surround ourselves are, in fact, not empty at all. It is a sea of ​​energy, of information, and everything is interconnected. Did you know that if you have only had contact with someone once, you will remain energetically connected with that person for the rest of your life? And even after that?

In straightforward terms, the writer knows very well how to explain complicated quantum theories and concepts in understandable language for everyone. He explains, among other things, that the building materials of the universe are mainly our observation and participation in all of this. What creates our reality? Aren’t we ourselves?

Part 2 The bridge between imagination and reality

In part two of The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden asks: are we passive observers or powerful creators of our reality? To what extent are we at the wheel ourselves?

Using the most modern insights from quantum physics, Braden shows how we live in a holographic universe and how the infinite and intelligent universe does reflect anything that we believe and what we bring into the universe ourselves.

If here is there and then is now, it means that we can play with time and space with our own powerful mind. Does our imagination create reality? Maybe even the reality we dream of?

Part 3 Messages from the Universe: Living in a Quantum Consciousness

As living beings, we are constantly interacting with the universe. Not only do we send messages into the infinite ourselves, but this also happens vice versa. The universe also communicates with us through “the field.” This can happen through extremely subtle messages. Consider series of “accidental coincidences” that you see all the time or other synchronicities.

In this part of The Divine Matrix, Braden also describes the relationship with our environment. This is also a reflection of how we deal with life and how we communicate with everything and everyone in our environment.

In chapter 8, author Gregg Braden lists the tools for a happy life that he has passed in review in all chapters. By being aware of how the universe works, that time and location are only relative concepts, and that we have the capabilities to create our own lives, we can live the life of our dreams.

My book review The Divine Matrix

This is an absolutely stunning book. Although I occasionally got quite emotional while reading – your whole perception of the world is turned upside down – the book provides great insights into how you can reframe your perception and give meaning to your life in a good way.

Gregg Braden shows how you can shape the life of your dreams with the power of positive intention and that perception forms the basis of your own reality.

Don’t let terms like quantum physics, multiverse, and holographic consciousness put you off. The author knows how to explain such terms flawlessly in simple terms to the layman. After reading this book, your life – and your perception – will never be the same again!

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