Synchronicity: how to synchronize with the quantum field

Synchronicity the field

Synchronicity is usually dismissed in our society as a coincidence, a situation no one can explain. Yet more and more people realize that there may be something more going on. Maybe these signals from “the invisible” perhaps could have a meaning… Should we listen to them and not “rationalize” everything with our brains?

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. The term “synchronicity” was first mentioned by the noted psychologist Jung who described them as “meaningful coincidences” when they occur without any causal relationship but still are too coincidental. You can find Jung’s book on synchronicity here.

The fascinating thing about synchronicities is that the more you pay attention to them, the more often they seem to manifest. You are undoubtedly aware that every time you look at the clock exactly at 11:11 or every time you see on your dashboard, you have covered 12,100, 14,200, or 18,600 kilometers. At a certain point, this can no longer be attributed to coincidence. But what is the meaning of all these incidents together? Do they want to tell you something?

What do these signals want to say?

There are various theories about the origin of these signals. Most people believe they are merely coincidences. Some claim that the signals come from angels. Still, others believe that these signals come from the universe and arise from the intelligent quantum field.

The terms “angels” and “quantum field” often seem to overlap in meaning. Many people have a certain image of angels, but just as God – in a non-religious sense – is often compared to the universe, so are angels often seen as “the intangible”.

Bem’s research on synchronicity

Jung created the term “synchronicity” to explain a relationship between two events that could not be explained by cause and effect. Many scientists who did research followed his theories. Daryl Bem, a leading social psychologist, did just that.

In a creative and well-designed series of nine experiments involving more than 1,000 subjects, Bem (2011) found statistical significance for eight out of nine experiments involving “time-reversal.” In these experiments, the participants could predict a happening shortly to perceive something, without any explanation for it.

In one of the nine studies, the participants were shown two curtains on a computer screen. There was a picture hidden behind one of the curtains, and they had to guess which of the two curtains was hiding the picture. So there was a 50/50 chance of guessing the correct answer.

The critical factor in the research was that some of the photos had erotic content and others were neutral in nature. Since our emotions influence our decisions, it was hypothesized that the participants would correctly identify the erotic images, even though they could not yet see the picture.

The participants correctly identified the position of the erotic images significantly more often than the neutral images. Following the controls performed in the experiment, the participants appeared to have some degree of clairvoyance or psychokinesis (where the future situation matches the participant’s expectations).

  1. Carl Jung on synchronicity

Dr. Carl Jung, the noted psychologist, is the creator of synchronicity. His original version of synchronicity brought the presence of recurring images and ideas, connecting us to another dimension where dreams come from and omen accurately predict the future. These phenomenal signs are particularly important to recognize to benefit from what the universe has to offer for us. An example is a repetitive series of numbers, but especially the fact that everything happens for a reason and seems to be fated.

Dr. Jung deliberately did not define the phenomenon of synchronicity. The reason for this is he was a true mystic. After years of research and experience, he did indicate that it became clear to him that there seemed to be a mysterious underlying “field,” one that affects a very different level of experience.

Although he conceived the idea of ​​synchronicity in the late 1920s, it was not until 1952 that he established his concept for printing Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. Later the second half of the book was printed, The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche.

Quantum Theory

At the same time, the quantum theory was introduced and the concept of a quantum field from which all matter originates. These theories proved that we are all part of a larger whole and that everything in our universe is connected energetically.

Our focused attitudes, intentions, and actions can interact with the universe within this theory, creating our personal and collective reality. The theory confirmed Jung’s observations and conjectures since he already referred to the “field” as the “unus Mundus,” the unified world. In this unified world, the chance is only an indication of an underlying reality.

Jung’s observations

Jung’s observations pointed to the coincidences and the one-dimensional world as an outdated vision. In its place came the highly complex world that interacts with our psyche, our energies, emotions, and actions and experiences. With this approach, there is no room for “coincidences” that mingle with our projections and manipulations, only for endless possibilities.

The synchronistic model

Jung based the synchronistic model on three characteristics of spiritual potential:

  • Meaningful coincidence: Random events sometimes happen with a very specific, personal meaning.
  • Causation: Despite no apparent material cause and effect, there is an undeniably profound personal meaning and thus a seemingly deliberate connection at play.
  • Clarity: The indication that all is happening within a shared field of divinity, in communion with a greater whole.

These three characteristics apply to most life experiences, even if no one knows exactly how.

Synchronicity and Quantum Physics

Synchronicity and quantum physics have a lot in common. There are also important differences. Nonlocality, such as synchronicity, involves two quantum events where the quanta’s perceived properties have an element of spontaneity in their manifestation. The correlations between the two quanta are not due to an efficient causal relationship between them. (McFarlane, 2000)

Quantum nonlocality phenomena, however, differ from synchronicity. Two quantum events can both be events in the outer physical world. Synchronicity connects an inner psychic event and an outer event, which connects psyche and matter and thus refers to the unus Mundus.

This most important aspect of synchronicity relates to the inner psychological meaning and the connection with matter or the manifestation of reality. (McFarlane, 2000)

Synchronicity is wonderfully reliable

Synchronicity appears to be very intangible and unpredictable for people who are not yet familiar with this phenomenon. The people who are already more familiar with the idea, can interpret a lot of these ‘coincidences.’

To interpret and use synchronicity in your favor, it’s important to interpret the universe’s signals. Consider, for example, repeating series of numbers, such as 1111, 2222, 1234, etc. These numbers are signals from the universe to give you hints about life steps that you may need to take.

The nice thing about these signals is that you often initially see them as coincidences. The more you pay attention, the more you see them. The more you see them, the more naturally they become. And the better you can interpret them, the more they become clues and indications. And from personal experience, I can confirm that you should not just dismiss these signals.

Over time, man has become increasingly deprived of himself. We are wise beings from our hearts. Our brains have muttered us, and we think we can be wiser with our heads than with our hearts, where in fact, the real wisdom resides. From our heart, we are able to interpret the synchronicities, the signals from the universe. As a result, we don’t think these are correct. No, we feel these are correct.

HeartMath Institute and Emotions

The emotions expressed in Bem’s studies merge excellently with the HeartMath Institute‘s findings in the United States. This research institute has been researching human emotions and their influence on health, both mental and physical, for over 30 years.

This research arose from the fact that scientists had found a second brain in the heart, a network of neurons capable of functioning independently, next to our brains. The heart-brain is – just as described in Bem’s researchable to “know ahead.” It is our deepest intuition that resides in our heart brain.

Synchronicity and emotions

The emotions with which we enrich or impoverish our lives have a major influence on our future outcome. Both Bem and HeartMath Institute have shown this in their studies. How can these be reconciled with synchronicities that occur in our lives?

Our emotions are invaluable to our happiness in life. A positive attitude to life is, for that reason – according to Bem’s research results – essential for manifesting a positive outcome.

Positive emotions such as appreciation, gratitude, and love provide an energetic charge in the heart region, the HeartMath researchers discovered. They called this a state of heart coherence. In a state of heart coherence, the body’s basic systems (blood pressure, respiration, and heart rhythm) work together in complete harmony.

A state of heart coherence allows you to send positive emotions out into the universe. At this point, HeartMath and Bem’s findings come together: this is where you start to see “coincidences” in your life, the synchronicities.

Because of the universe’s holographic nature, these positive emotions are reflected as if in a mirror. The positivity comes back to you, and all the positive you think about suddenly seems to come your way. And this is entire because your energy – the positive emotions – is synchronized.

When you are in sync with your energy, you are in sync with the universe and a future possibility. From this point on, all you have to do is follow the universe’s signals, which are a reflection of your own emotions.

As you synchronize with the universe, you will notice synchronicities more often, and you will be better able to interpret these signals. Did you even know that repeating numbers like 1111, 2222 have a specific meaning? And did you know that people always appear on your life path for a reason? And that events always “happen” for a reason? Like to teach you a lesson?

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