SAM technology: meditation, brainwaves, and spiritual experiences


In 2008, The Monroe Institute in the United States began a research method to map the mind-altering effects of their Hemi-Sync® program. The Hemi-Sync® program is a method in which binaural beats and soothing music influence brain activity, allowing you to enter a meditative state. However, the Spatial Angle Modulation Technology ™ (the SAM technology) is a completely new technique that can induce a deep meditative state and other states of consciousness.

What is SAM technology?

Instead of binaural beats, where different tones in both ears affect brain activity, Spatial Angle Modulation ™ (SAM) digitally modulates a single frequency tone motion. Using stereo headphones or speakers, the apparent sound source’s spatial angle moves faster than the brain can process, as with a Doppler shift.

In response to this tone, the brain produces a modulation or change in the tone, producing a tremolo effect similar to binaural beats. This tremolo effect, in combination with the size and orientation of the arc of motion produced, gives SAM technology the ability to influence regional brain activity and changes in states of consciousness.

The SAM technology was not developed to replace existing Hemi-Sync® products or programs but is a welcome addition to the existing Monroe Institute product lines.

In practice, you can play multiple signals (SAM arcs at different frequencies and locations) simultaneously. In addition to controlling the sound source’s nominal frequency and the frequency with which the arc effect is produced, several other parameters can be adjusted to affect the spatial aspects of the signal and its measurable effects on neural activity and consciousness.

Awareness expansion

The SAM audio technology offers a way to achieve different states of consciousness, ranging from deep relaxation to experiencing extraordinary, almost paranormal perceptual abilities and other “extraordinary” states of consciousness. When SAM is combined with sensory influences or limitations – such as sitting in a darkened, sound-isolated room – this technique can destabilize a basic state of consciousness and modify it in various states of consciousness.

Ultimately, SAM technology supports a new stabilized structure (desired altered state of consciousness). The person in question gains access to a desired state of consciousness and can experience new situations and insights from that state. By way of illustration: you can get into a deeply meditative state, where time, space, and reality are perceived differently.

With the SAM quantum mind technology you can induce states of consciousness on demand. Besides, Monroe Institute is researching gamma synchronization (gamma brain waves) as an electrophysiological correlate of consciousness itself.

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