Quantum theory: our universe is one harmonious whole

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What is the “empty” air between us? What is the universe filled with, other than planets, stars, black holes, and asteroids? These are questions that many people have asked over thousands of years. The quantum theory offers a new perspective on this.

There is a place where everything begins, a location of pure energy. That’s where everything starts for quantum reality; it is a place where everything is possible. That is where disease begins, but also prosperity and abundance. It is a location so mysterious that we hardly dare to believe it.

How about energy, for example? Perhaps we are all energetically connected in reality? To what extent does the law of attraction apply? Could our universe be holographic?

Quantum Theory and the Big Bang

Take a good look around you, and you may see how everything is organized in our environment. But even when there is chaos, nature always finds its balance again. It is a continuous process of development in which balance is always restored. Just think of throwing a stone into the water. Eventually, the water will become just as smooth as before. Since the Big Bang, the universe has completely recovered from the chaos that shaped our universe.

Billions of years ago, a supernova exploded, forming, among other things, our solar system. In response to the chaos that had arisen, the recovery process began immediately, and, for example, our earth also began to organize. Our earth was a molten rock circling the sun, and slowly the earth’s crust began to harden. The moisture that was released formed the atmosphere, and rain could fall so that seas, lakes, and rivers could be formed.

Life soon began to emerge in the oceans. Single-celled organisms evolved into plants, fish, insects, trees, animals, and also humans. We are all part of the process of continuous order, and it is amazing how everything around us is part of this harmonious whole.

The creative patterns of life

You have probably noticed that patterns can be seen everywhere that repeat themselves. Consider the structure of Romanesco broccoli. This can also be explained within quantum theory, in which patterns always develop.

In addition to other life forms, we also see in our human world how development takes place and is organized in a sort of the same way. We all start out as a cell that is constantly dividing and multiplying. At some point, the cells’ clusters start to organize and form organs, such as the heart, liver, bones, or brain.

Consider how we grew up as humans, how we matured and no longer grow but continue to live. Every day we absorb materials from our environment: water, proteins, calcium, oxygen, and other substances ensure that we can maintain the complex living structure of our body.

The philosopher Alan Watts has put it so beautifully: “You are not just a person, you are a conscious expression of the earth, of the stars, of the evolution of nature and all cosmic history.” This statement fits perfectly into the story of quantum theory.

How we relate to our environment again comes down to the same. We live in a “co-evolutionary spiral.” We learn from our experiences, and so do all organisms around us. We learn from each other. After all, everything is interconnected in the infinite space and energy of the cosmos. And in the end, we are all part of the perfect balance.

Symphony of the Cosmos

Every being in the cosmos is an expression of the interconnected web. In this web, all separate parts together are the symphony of the cosmos. Like all systems in nature, we are part of these complex systems from the micro to a macro level. Just as all separate parts form a system, we are also part of a whole: atoms form molecules, molecules form cells. Cells together form a body that, in turn, is part of a larger organized whole, etc.

All these systems are constantly evolving. This happens to us on earth, in and around our bodies, and everywhere around us, even in the most distant galaxies.

It is wonderful to reflect on how everything is interrelated, how our vast space organizes itself, and how the miracle of life maintains itself in this whole.

How do we optimally be part of quantum theory?

Our universe’s self-managing and self-stabilizing capacity offers us as humanity wonderful opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest. By living our lives from our heart, we can not only make a positive contribution to our earth and the universe, but we can also enjoy it ourselves immensely.

Our minds and hearts can work together very effectively. In a state of heart coherence, our body works as if in a flow. We can make a nice contribution to our universe at the peak of our ability, from the micro level to the macro level. Read more about heart coherence.

While classical science still clings to the Newtonian model of cause and effect, quantum theory sheds a different angle on our universe and everything in it. More and more scientific evidence shows that quantum theory can explain everything because all outcomes “already exist.” It is a fascinating science of which we are a part and can determine our future!

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