Quantum consciousness, consciousness from a quantum perspective

Quantum consciousness quantum perspective

Words like quantum physics, the quantum universe, and quantum consciousness get many people into resistance. The link with Einstein and other great scientists immediately leads to the assumption that this subject “must be too ambitious or complicated to understand for an average person.”

The word “quantum” means nothing more than “small.” And physics is the study of the physical universe. Einstein scientifically confirmed the fundamental truths about life, nature, and the universe by looking under a microscope. Einstein’s findings help explain why many things are the way they are, including quantum consciousness.

Consciousness vs. Quantum Consciousness

Human consciousness has been an essential subject of study in modern psychology for over 100 years. Consciousness is nothing more than a mind that enables us to perceive and be aware of ourselves in the outside world.

However, we can also upgrade our consciousness to a quantum consciousness, a form of consciousness where we view everything from the quantum perspective. Quantum consciousness is a group of hypotheses that state that classical mechanics cannot adequately explain consciousness. It states that quantum mechanical phenomena, such as quantum entanglement and superposition, can play an essential role in brain function and provide the basis for explaining consciousness.

In order to properly understand quantum consciousness, there are several basic building blocks from quantum physics that you need to know about.

Basic principles in quantum physics

1. We all come from the same source.

The universe consists of particles and (energy) waves. When we go back in time 13.7 billion years to the Big Bang, particles were compressed into a sugar cube size. This means that you, I, and all the matter surrounding us were once part of the same particle that now fills the universe.

All the particles that make up the universe are now separated and expanding, but energetically, they are still connected. So everyone on this planet is, is one. We all come from the same particle, a nice starting point to view life differently: instead of seeing each other as separate, we are one from a quantum perspective.

In 1944, Max Plank identified the existence of the “united field.” He called it the Matrix. He believed that there is an intelligent and conscious mind that connects everything in addition to everything we can see, including our body.

Gregg Braden calls this the divine Matrix. Others call it God. Whatever you call it, the divine Matrix is ​​much larger and infinitely more powerful than the global Matrix that rules material existence.

2. Everything is interconnected

In 1997 an experiment was carried out in Geneva in which scientists split one subatomic particle into two parts. Then the two parts were separated from each other. The researchers sent one part ten kilometers in one direction and the other ten kilometers in the other direction. So the two particles were 20 kilometers apart.

The scientists found that although the two identical particles were physically separate from each other, they were still energetically linked. When one particle was energetically affected, the other particle reacted the same in real-time, as if it had the same experience.

This tells us that once the matter has been physically connected, it is still energetically connected even when physically separated. This is an excellent example of how quantum consciousness works.

The same goes for our heart brain. This neuronal network in our heart allows us to make an energetic connection with our environment. Our heart-brain ensures that we are all constantly communicating with each other through the energetically charged “field,” which is, in fact, a “collective brain,” an infinite sea of ​​information.

We are all connected in ways that we are only just starting to understand.

3. Everything is energy

Energy and matter are one. Einstein already stated this with his E = MC². But when you view the “void” from a quantum perspective, the entire universe is not empty, nor is the “empty” space with which we surround ourselves. All this space is charged with energy, or rather, vibrations or frequency.

When you take an atom, you assume that it consists of solid matter. Yet this atom consists for the most of “empty” space, of energy, of vibrations. The most solid thing to say about the subatomic matter is that it consists of information. Subatomic particles are pieces of data. Atoms are not things; they are just tendencies. All matter is energy, and all energy causes vibrations.

From this perspective, it is necessary to rethink everything else you have ever learned. Because what is your perceived reality? Nothing seems to be solid anymore. Reality consists of waves of frequencies and information. In fact, we consist of pure energy. We are concentrated waves of consciousness and light.

If you can feel and understand this from quantum consciousness, your life will change forever.

4. Energy is information

What is reality? What is the definition of reality? Your body does not know any difference between reality and perception. The brain interprets what is happening around you as reality based on your previous experiences and beliefs.

Scientific experiments with brain scans give us a good insight into how the brain processes information. The brain scans show that the same brain areas light up when we imagine an object, as when we look at the actual object.

In other words, the brain does not know any difference between seeing with the eyes and imagining with the brain. So what is reality then? Our brain is no different from an interpreter of information. This data passes through several perceptual filters in our brains, and they project the information as our reality. In this way, we can create our reality.

The emotional brain plays an important role in this. If you fear poverty, the reptilian brain will respond as if it had already happened. It doesn’t matter if your survival is compromised. You then live in a state of terror, panic, or fear. The quantum field reflects the energy you send into The field as your “reality.” The frequencies you transmit attract the same frequencies, or poverty and a sense of panic.

When you invoke the quantum consciousness and truly believe that infinite possibilities and opportunities are there for the taking, your heart-brain will resonate with joy and limitless possibilities. With this, you can create a reality full of opportunities and possibilities, which in turn also comes your way, the exact opposite of the negative emotions. Remember that emotions are the language of the universe.

5. Put the quantum field to work for you

In order for the quantum consciousness to work for you, it is important to throw a “rock in the water” and create a ripple. And I don’t mean physical rock, but a virtual one. By this metaphor, I mean take action. Just as nothing happens if you wait, action results in a reaction. By pushing action into the energy field, the ripples in the “surface of the water” go to work for you to achieve your goals. The actions you take are primarily your thoughts and emotions that you can control yourself. By experiencing positive thoughts, affirmations, and positive feelings, you set the quantum pond surrounding you in motion with positivity.

Realize that you are the stone that moves the water. You determine the degree of positivity. Your thoughts and emotions determine how the quantum field – which is essentially holographic in nature – reflects your reality.

The quantum pond, in turn, is part of the quantum ocean, the infinite “field” of information that encompasses the entire universe.

Quantum Consciousness: The Power of Thoughts

When two planes flew into the Twin Towers on September 9, 2001, 300 million people worldwide believed this was a few Muslim terrorists’ acts. This thought wave triggered a huge tidal wave of emotions. The turmoil these emotions created in the quantum consciousness was great enough to start a war.

The more people share a common belief, the greater the wave pattern that forms the belief. The more people share a common paradigm, the greater the impact on the quantum field.

So you can imagine that if you send a positive thought or a warm feeling into the cosmos, it will always affect you, no matter how small it is. If you know the power of thoughts, you will no longer think negatively. Condition yourself to think positive thoughts. The quantum consciousness will thank you, and vice versa!

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