The Power of Positive Thinking: Train your mindset with these tips


The power of positive thinking is one of the essential habits of highly successful people. But not only do successful people benefit from a positive mindset, but the happiest people also can remain positive.

Being positive in life not only increases your mental and physical health but also changes the way you interact with other people. Do you prefer to deal with a negative person or someone who prefers to laugh and positively approach things? Right, positive people have appeal. They are often more charismatic and also attract positivity.

From a negative to a positive mindset

If you are a bit melancholic, don’t give up. You can change even deep-rooted patterns of negative thinking. A positive person sees this as a challenge. The good news is that you, too, can learn. It’s just a matter of rewiring the brain and changing belief systems.

By being aware of your thought patterns and feelings, you can easily break the spiral of negative thinking. By conditioning yourself and changing your thinking patterns, positivity is also available to you.

Below I describe six ways that have been proven to improve your mindset and create positive thoughts. With these techniques, you can practice, so they become a pattern, and you become increasingly positive in life. It’s a matter of conditioning yourself.

From now on, there is no place for negativity in your life. Let go of the past. What happened has happened. Focus on your positive future.

You might be thinking, “Oh, this is a hardcore method.” No, it is not, but an effective one! With some effort, determination, and practice, the methods below, you can virtually eliminate negativity from your life.

Ways to Experience the Power of Positive Thinking

I myself have applied the methods below, and many people in my area have tried them. No one did not get an improvement in his/her state of mind. I can change my bad mood to a positive one almost instantly. So if I can do it, you can too!

1 Think constructively

Everyone has to deal with setbacks. It has everything to do with your expectations. Still, you don’t have to (keep) feeling disappointed. Instead of dwelling on the negative, look for positive things instead. When we find solutions, stress disappears.

The nice thing is that by taking a positive approach to challenging situations, you not only find a solution more easily, you also attract people who have a positive attitude towards life.

Positivity ensures that you attract what you radiate and that you attune the quantum field to your wishes. And before you know, you’re in an upward spiral that you can’t get enough of. It’s the Law of Attraction working for you: you get what you believe. Are you a negative person who is always swearing at people in his or her environment? I am giving you a note saying that you are only calling negativity on yourself instead of those others!

How can you stay positive? Be aware of your patterns. An example.

At work, your manager doesn’t seem to listen to your constant complaints about the ever-increasing workload. Then you also constantly complain to your other colleagues who used to nag you. You run in a circle, but there is no solution. The trick now is to break through this pattern. What exactly is happening?

You are frustrated (workload/manager not listening). You can keep expressing this frustration, but it won’t solve the problem, but it won’t make you feel any better. This is when you need to take a “picture” of your thought patterns. Look at this from a dissociated perspective (as if you were someone else), such as in a helicopter view. What can you do to get out of this situation? Exactly! Find a solution!

By being constructive in this situation, you can break through your patterns. For example, you can ask for a meeting with your manager in which you suggest a few solutions to the problem, or by approaching the problem positively, you can create more solidarity among colleagues, so you have a back-up from your coworkers.

2 Work on positive thinking

How can you approach life positively? Well, it might be easier than you think. Let’s have a look at the science of neurology. Your brain, smart as it may be, can easily be fooled. For a large part, we don’t know the difference between reality and fiction. The body doesn’t know the difference between an imagined state of mind or reality.

This means that if you constantly “deceive” yourself that you have a positive attitude, and at some point, you will start to believe in yourself. And no matter how skeptical you may be at the beginning, persistence wins.

You can completely transform your life with positive thinking, even if it’s only a single positive thought or feeling in the beginning. The more you condition yourself to be positive, the easier it gets. Just as you were previously trapped in negative patterns as deep as tractor tracks, you can also do this with positive thoughts.

3 Surround yourself with positive people

Have you ever been to a birthday party and saw someone who was standing alone in a corner? Nobody seemed to want to start a conversation with that person. The reason? He looks rather sour, and his judgmental gaze doesn’t really make for an irresistible appeal.

The people on the birthday who are having a great time are the people who have a positive attitude towards life and to the people around them. They have fun and energetic conversations and laugh the most. The energy radiates from there!

The strength of the people you surround yourself with makes you attractive to people who don’t know you yet. And while others can influence you to change, you can also influence others to be positive in life. Keep in mind that you are adapting to the five people you associate with most. So focus mainly on the people who have the most positive vibes.

The same applies if you want to be successful in something. Then surround yourself with successful people. That also applies to passions. You can become anything you want as long as you surround yourself with successful people with a positive attitude.

4 Discover the power of language

The words you choose to express yourself have a huge impact on how you feel. The more dramatic the terms, the more they influence how you feel.

Successful and happy people have the ability to play with language. They can make very refined use of their vocabulary. Their choice of words plays an even greater role. They rarely use negative words and avoid terms such as “cannot”, “never,” and “not” by replacing them with positive terms.

Another thing particularly helpful in promoting positive thinking is the use of affirmations. One of the best I know and say out loud every day in front of the mirror during my morning ritual is this: “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” by Emile Coué.

Other affirmations may include, “I am getting more positive every day,” “I am happy, confident, and see the best in myself and others”, “I am positive, and I attract positivity to my life.”

Of course, you can also write down sentences and read them to yourself that are more specific to achieve your goals or to build more self-confidence, for example: “I have all the qualities I need to be successful.”

5 The power of choice

Realize you can always make choices. Not so much you can make choices about situations in which you end up, but about how you think about those situations and deal with them. By making a conscious choice for a positive approach and not getting into the victim’s role, you create a “creator mindset”. With that mindset, you choose to be the architect of your own life. You can choose what your life looks like and how you think about it.

Successful and happy people often call it a “growth mindset.” This means you have to learn a certain way of thinking about evolving and improving. And although the comfort zone may seem so safe, growth is really only created by getting outside. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but growth can also be very exciting.

With the above tips, you are in the right direction to get a positive mindset and think positively. Take advantage of your own undiscovered abilities and change your life drastically. You are the captain at the helm of your life. And in everything that “happens” to you, make sure you are the one who comes up with the solution. The more you achieve success, the stronger the feeling will become and the more successful you become.

All successful and happy people started somewhere. If they can do it, so can you! From now on, you decide whether or not to take advantage of life-changing benefits and the power of positive thinking!

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