Positive Thoughts: Train your brain to eliminate negativity

Positive Thoughts Train your brain

Everyone has experience with it: your brain that does not want to cooperate when you feel annoying. You want to think positive thoughts, but in the meantime, negativity keeps running through your head. It doesn’t seem like you can get a grip on it, but I can assure you: you can, but you don’t know how yet!

This article will explain how you can get a grip on your thought patterns and how you can train yourself with your subconscious mind to think positively. Studies consistently show that optimistic thinking improves both physical and mental health. With this, you increase your internal vibration so that you are less prone to illness and are better able to manifest what you want.

Positive thoughts: Get rid of that negative feeling

Train your subconscious

We can compare our subconscious to the operating system of a computer. It is a repository of automatically generated programs based on our experiences, especially childhood.

These programs are self-learning. As we age, these programs change somewhat due to advancing insight. These changes can vary in both a positive and negative sense.

When you learned to drive at 18, you thought you’d never get that clutch under control. Now, twenty years later, you shift from one gear to the other without even realizing it while you type in an app (don’t do it!) And your navigation system follows. The bottom line is: you learn.

Training your subconscious is best when you are in a kind of trance. In this state, you have the best access to your subconscious. Your mind is then still and quiet, and then you are best able to reframe your beliefs and “install” a new belief system in your subconscious.

Some people find salvation in hypnotherapy, in which a therapist helps them. Others can do this themselves with meditation. NLP is a great technique for reprogramming the subconscious. Try out for yourself what you like best and what works best for you.

You can reframe your negative thought patterns to positive ones and thus overwrite the programs from the past, which are of no use to you in your current situation. Fortunately, our brain is much more plastic than was always assumed.

Have positive thoughts, receive positivity

A kind act for another always pays off. Even if you are depressed and do something kind for someone else, it gives you a good feeling, both for the other person and yourself.

Get into the habit of doing something compassionate for someone else whenever you feel down, anxious, or hopeless. Condition yourself, and soon this will become an automatism that makes you feel good every time.

Focus on what makes you happy in life

One of the best ways to train your brain to stay positive is to consciously and repeatedly focus your attention on things that bring joy. Think of your pet who always greets you happily when you come home, of a wonderfully soothing holiday feeling, or even the feeling you have when you have reached your ideal dream situation.

Schedule a few moments for yourself every day, preferably in the morning when you just woke up or in the evening just before going to sleep to dream away in positivity. At these times, this technique works best since you have the best access to your subconscious in a sleep-waking state.

Try to focus your attention on different aspects of your life. What inspires you? What makes you happy? And what makes you feel proud and confident? During these “sessions,” challenge yourself to evoke a positive feeling. How does it feel when you have already reached your goal?

In this way, you create the neurological networks in your brain that represent a positive feeling. By training these networks daily, you strengthen these neurological pathways, and at a certain point, it will feel natural. In other words, you no longer have to feel the feeling consciously. You are conditioned.

Take care of your body

We all know what comfort food is. For some, comfort food is a tub of very sweet ice cream. For others, a bag of chips. No matter what you use to comfort yourself when you experience negative emotions, realize that this unhealthy food will only provide a solution for a short period.

By taking good care of your body and mind, you invest in your physical and mental health. Nutrition is a hugely underestimated factor in emotions. I can tell you about it for hours, partly based on my own experiences. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that gives you a particularly pleasant feeling, is mainly produced in the intestine. So you can imagine how you feel when you eat junk food day after day. You feel like junk.

Provide your body with a diverse range of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients daily. The mineral magnesium alone has more than 300 functions within the human body. A magnesium deficiency is known to contribute to mind-boggling thoughts and stress, both physically and mentally.

By taking good care of yourself with pure, unprocessed food, you prevent vitamin deficiencies and contribute to a better version of yourself. Drink enough water and exercise in the open air while enjoying the subtle things around you.

A good balance between exercise and relaxation is also important for a healthy mind. Allow yourself a moment of rest after a strenuous working day and meditate, for example, in the evening before going to bed.

Schedule moments to work on your passion

The hustle and bustle in our daily life often prevent us from doing things that really make our heart beat faster. Doing the things you really love helps to maintain positive thoughts.

Not having time for that is a bad excuse. You just have to schedule time for it. No time means no priority.

Make an active effort to schedule time for your passion. This can be half an hour or an hour every day, but also a half-day every week. See what is feasible within your weekly schedule, as long as you schedule time for it!

Convert negative emotions into positive thoughts with a “button.”

This way of training positive thoughts is one that I have only recently mastered. With this technique, you intervene with your rational mind when negative emotions take over your mind.

You say to yourself, “Done!”, Turn the virtual knob and then think positive thoughts.

Although this rule above sounds particularly simplistic, it is the most radical and effective action you can take at such a time. It works. You can break through the negative flow of thoughts with your rational mind and take another “side road.”

While this approach may take some training and feel awkward at first, it can help you condition your thoughts. Repetition is the strength here: by directing your thoughts – and therefore your emotions – every time you create the neurological hardware in your brain-think positively.

Every time you switch your negative thoughts to positive thoughts with a button, you reinforce this pattern. Realize very well that you are at the helm of the thoughts that go through your mind.

As you can see, negative thoughts don’t have to rule your life. You can control your thoughts when you risk losing them in negative patterns. The old view that “feeling bad about yourself is just part of it” is completely outdated. A nice quote to conclude with: “Let your mind be stronger than your thoughts.”

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