Mind Movies: Joe Dispenza explains his favorite visualization too

Joe Dispenza Visualization Mind Movie

Visualization is a powerful tool to achieve your goals. Whether it’s used for your spiritual goals, to become wealthy, or simply if you want to pass an exam, Mind Movies is a very effective digital visualization tool that can help you successfully achieve your goals.

Most of us are familiar with the so-called “mood boards” and “creativity boards,” the tolls that art directors and designers use to visualize and realize a corporate identity or design. With specific shades and styles, you can create an atmosphere that these boards can apply to an office interior or website.

What is visualization?

Visualization is the process of mental imagination. You visualize a goal or desire to feel like you are already living in that future reality. Many of the world’s most successful, productive, and creative people – from CEOs and billionaires to athletes and top musicians – use visualization every day to make the best out of every opportunity.

The purpose of visualization with Mind Movies is to condition your subconscious mind with the beliefs, emotions, energy, and clarity you need to bring your ideal life into reality.

It works in the same way as other visualization tools to achieve your goals. When you have specific goals, it helps to visualize them. For example, you can make a vision board with images from your bucket list. If you want to become rich, use photos that symbolize wealth (for you). Do you want a log cabin in the mountains? Then find the best images together that represent your goals.

This is very personal. To use a metaphor: for some people, wealth means to buy a boat, a mansion, and a fancy sports car. For others, it means a small cabin off-grid to get away from that.

Mind movies: digital vision board

Mind Movies is a digital vision board creation tool. Please find the most beautiful images on the internet that symbolize success for you and put them together in the online Mindmovies platform. Don’t forget to add the positive affirmations that support your way to success. Make sure to finish your Mind Movie with empowering music that gives you strength, a positive feeling to pursue your goals.

What is Mind Movies software?

The Mind Movies Creation Kit is one of the most powerful online personal development and visualization tools in the world. To date, more than 5.8 million people worldwide are using this visualization software and benefiting from its ability to shape their lives and achieve the goals they have in mind.

The Mind Movies Creation Kit is the best-selling visualization technology that allows you to quickly and easily create your own Mind Movies, each personalized to fulfill your own specific dreams and desires.

The Mind Movies Creation Kit is basically a digital vision board and a powerful online tool for personal development and visualization. And don’t underestimate the effect of this. Millions of people now have discovered the power of the Mind Movies Creation Kit, and many have achieved their goals through visualizations and affirmations.

With the Mind Movies software, you can easily create your personalized video with your own empowering music. By playing this video daily (every morning or every night, or both), you put the universe to work let the Law of Attraction do its job.

Mind Movies Joe Dispenza

If you can operate the mouse of your computer, you will also be able to edit your own Mind Movie. It’s that simple! Select your images or videos and drag them into the editor and let the software do the rest. Immediately you will notice that you are not only the director of your videos but also of your life!

What is a Mind Movie?

A Mind Movie is a short video of about 3 minutes or a digital vision board representing your ideal situation. You are the creator, director, and producer, not only of your video but also of your own reality. By watching this video time after time, you will train your subconscious mind to empathize with the images and sounds in the Mind Movie.

In your own video, you listen to your success music, view your success images of beautiful cars, a dream house, and other symbols representing your success. Watch your Mind Movie daily and condition your brain to act as if you have already achieved your goals. Compare it with positively brainwashing yourself.

You program your neurological hardware to imagine what your future will be like. So you experience it as if you have already achieved your goal. The effect of this is easy to explain: our mind cannot distinguish the difference between an imagined emotion and a natural emotion.

When you’ve watched the video enough times and empathized, flooding yourself with positive emotions, your brain will strengthen these connections in the brain. Simply put: cells that fire together, wire together. The brain connections become stronger the more you condition yourself. You also see synchronicities starting to occur, the miracles coming your way, and the future you have visualized coming your way. And before you even realize it: you are living your future life, the life you desired.

Dr. Joe Dispenza about Mind Movies

Mind Movies is mainly based on the Law of Attraction’s philosophy and the scientific insights gained by neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza. In this video, he explains how Mind Movies works. In short, it means that you incorporate the images and the music from your Mind Movie into your system, or by watching your self-made videos over and over and empathizing yourself in your future, the desired situation, you put the law of attraction to work.

At the same time, you make the neurological connections of your desired situation in the brain. Since our body cannot distinguish imagined from actual emotions, we can already experience the desired state. Joe Dispenza calls this “mental rehearsal,” where we mentally go through the same process over and over again. With the idea of ​​“neurons that fire together, wire together,” we build the neurological hardware in our brains for success.

Dr. Joe Dispenza: “Once you pick a song and you have the images from your Mind Movie, what starts to happen is your brain starts to associate different parts of the song with additional photos in your Mind Movie with other affirmations. Over time you begin to map neurologically what your future will be like. If you do it enough times, it becomes a subconscious program. In other words, you’re changing your body to be primed for a future subconsciously. When you do that enough times, that’s when the synchronicities, the miracles, the coincidences, the opportunities will begin to show up in your life.

It doesn’t take much, but when you start the Mind Movie process in constructing it, you’ll begin to notice that you’ll fall in love with your future.”

So what Dr. Joe Dispenza describes can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. You make neurological connections through association.
  2. These connections become stronger through constant repetition (mental repetition).
  3. With this, you create a neurological program at the subconscious level (anchoring).
  4. The accompanying emotions give you a taste for your future situation.
  5. Your body does not know the difference between an imagined or a truly experienced emotion.
  6. Then you are dealing with synchronicities, apparent coincidences, and opportunities.
  7. These synchronicities are more and more common until they become a reality.

How do Mind Movies work?

Mind Movies’ user-friendly online platform gives you access to the extensive library of powerful affirmations, beautiful images, motivational video clips, and empowering music. Of course, there is also the option to upload your own music and photos. You can easily drag all elements for your own video into the editor.

Watch your own Mind Movie once or twice a day for just 3 minutes to reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve your goals. Whether it’s for more self-confidence, more positivity, creativity, or simply achieving wealth, with Mind Movies, “you will draw your future towards you at an accelerated pace.”

Personally, I’ve heard of sick people who said their own Mindmovies helped them recover and manage their symptoms.

With Mind Movies, you choose a simple and enjoyable way to harness the power of visualization and optimize your subconscious mind to achieve your goals. The Mind Movie website also contains a whole range of excellent software products that help you achieve your goals.

Your neurology and Mind Movies

When you use the Mind Movies software, you are actually doing operational conditioning, just like “Pavlov’s dogs.” Every time you hear the images and music, it evokes a feeling, an emotion.

So if you evoke a feeling that you associate with success, the accompanying feelings will be, for example, self-confidence, positive energy, or peace of mind.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza explains time and again, our bodies do not distinguish between an imagined emotion or reality. So we can fool our body a lot, both in a positive and negative sense.

Visualization with Mind Movies is an excellent basis for manifesting your goals. Immerse yourself completely and see, smell, feel, taste, and hear everything as if you were already in your future situation.

You go through this process over and over again. The more often, the better. Did you know that mental repetition is the way to create a neurological pattern in your brain? By experiencing the desired future situation over and over again – so how it feels, looks, how it sounds, etc. – you create a neurological pattern in your brain.

Reticular Activation System (RAS)

The Reticular Activation System (RAS) is a part of the brain that plays a crucial role in filtering and prioritizing information from the environment. It is also involved in regulating arousal and attention, helping you focus on relevant stimuli while ignoring unnecessary information. The RAS is located in the brainstem and has connections to various parts of the brain.

The conditioning of your brain works as follows. You probably know the phrase “neurons that fire together, wire together.” The structure you create in your neurons is called the Reticular Activation System (RAS). This network and the imagined future situation become inextricably linked. The more powerful the feeling you evoke in your visualization, and the more often you repeat this, the more powerful and durable the neurological connections of the Reticular Activation System in your brain become.

Through daily visualization sessions, the brain will be able to go through the steps necessary to achieve your result in both a conscious and unconscious state.

The effect of Mind Movies and its influence on the brain has been extensively proven over the years, and it is not for nothing that Dr. Joe Dispenza (and myself) are so enthusiastic about this software.

This is the reason why top athletes are already busy visualizing the competition months in advance, walking through it step by step, and thus building the network in their brains in order to be able to perform optimally at the moment supreme.

Mind Movies Joe Dispenza

Different kinds of Mind Movies: what should be included?

Mind movies include images, affirmations, provoking and empowering music, and video content. Everything that represents your future goals is sufficient for your personal mind movie, whether your video is for succes, weight loss, abundance or relationships.

Mind Movies for success

Regardless of what success means to you personally, you can use the Mind Movie software to achieve your goals. Does success mean a glittering career in the fashion industry for you? Then visualize what your success looks like. See yourself already in consultation with influential couturiers and include photos of them in your Mind Movie.

If success for you means you don’t have to work anymore and can travel to every tropical place on earth, choose images of destinations, you want to visit. Select music that symbolizes freedom and travel for you and that empowers your Mind Movie.

If you watch your video over and over and thoroughly empathize with your future situation, you will start living this feeling. It is a matter of anchoring this feeling again and again. The more often you anchor, the more permanent this feeling.

Mind Movie for relationships

You can put the Law of Attraction to work to create your own future. The same goes for relationships. Are you tired of your solo existence and actively looking for a new partner? Then you’d better give up that search and put the universe to work for you instead. With the help of Mind Movies, you record the neurology of the outcome in your brain.

Describe in your Mind Movie what your ideal partner looks like. Does he or she have blond or dark hair? Where does the one you want to manifest in your life live? Make sure you can be specific.

Include affirmations like “it feels great to be together” or “we are delighted together” in your video. And while watching, you feel what it feels like to be in that relationship and enjoy life together.

Mind Movies for Wealth

You can also use the Mind Movie software to manifest wealth. All the ‘greats of the earth’ once started with an image in their head, their idea of an ideal. They then started to work out the visualization of this idea. By positively conditioning their brains, they had very clear ideas and made good money from them.

When making a Mind Movie that symbolizes your impending wealth, look at websites and social media profiles of successful people. Be specific and choose the rich people whose lifestyle and outlook appeal to you most.

Modeling is an important aspect of the manifestation of wealth. Here you put yourself in the shoes of your ‘model,’ and you analyze the behavior that makes them so successful. When you have discovered intrinsic motivation, you can develop a similar motivation for yourself and simply adopt the train of thought of your model. Your behavior will follow to build your path to wealth.

Mind Movie for Health

Nothing in your life is more important than your health. Often we only realize how self-evident we take our well-being when we become ill—many people who are unhealthy or sick fight themselves back to health.

When you are sick, especially for a long time, Mind Movies is an excellent tool to visualize your health goals. What does health mean to you? That you can walk unobstructed? Or that you can go to sleep every night without worrying about your health?

When composing your health video, choose photos that symbolize your ultimate state of health.

Addition: No one can tell about visualization for health recovery as beautifully as Dr. Joe Dispenza. At a younger age, he got involved in an accident in which he broke several vertebral discs, among other things. He recovered miraculously and quickly, promoting his recovery daily – in his own words – by visualizing how his body was repairing the damage. He visualized how the body repaired the fractures, causing them to close. The doctors who treated him were amazed at how quickly his recovery progressed.

This anecdote shows that the placebo effect can be potent, and our body can heal itself to a great extent. With Mind Movies, you can greatly enhance this visualization.

Mind Movies for Weight loss

Many overweight people exercise, eat healthily, and meditate to create more ‘peace of mind.’ Mind Movies can play an essential role in this.

By putting together a Mind Movie that reflects your ultimate health, you are better able to stay on the right path. Especially when you try to lose weight, for example, you tend to sin at weak moments. By watching and experiencing your video with your goals every day, you maintain focus, making it easier to manifest your goals.

Include in your video images of yourself in which you were slim and healthy, evoke emotions of that time, motivate yourself with pictures of people in good shape. Do you ever have a moment where you lose heart? Then watch a video from a personal trainer who shows you that this happens to everyone and that it is a matter of choice. Mind Movies helps you to support and realize your goals.

Mind Movie for uncertainty and social anxiety

Not everyone is easy to get along with. Many people suffer from insecurity, which often makes them feel uncomfortable in the company of others. For some people, it is even worse: they even avoid the company of others, which often leads to isolation and loneliness.

With a Mind Movie, you can reprogram your subconscious mind through positive affirmations for more self-confidence and security so you can be yourself in the company of others without fear or anxiety.

It’s all about conditioning your subconscious mind. The more often you watch your Mind Movie for insecurity, the faster you will feel comfortable in company.

Mind Movies Joe Dispenza

Mind Movies for Exams and Training

Periods of exams and tests usually bring tension and stress. Some people burst into tears from the stress, while others went through their exams whistling. What makes the difference? Exactly, the latter has a clear goal in mind and proceeds with determination!

By visualizing clearly and precisely what you want, you can work confidently towards your goal: successfully passing your exams. Specify what passing your exams will bring you: an excellent job? Lovely day trips in the car when you finally have your driver’s license? Your own practice with a wonderful clientele?

With Mind Movies, you don’t just visualize what the exam will bring you. Mental rehearsal allows you to go through the steps necessary to pass your exam every day. This way, you can be confident in taking your exam. Also, be sure to incorporate many positive affirmations into your Mind Movie.

Mind Movies for Prosperity

Whatever prosperity you envision, Mind Movies help you visualize how to achieve goals. Often your own thoughts get in the way of manifesting. Therefore, make concrete what symbolizes prosperity for you. Nothing is compulsory. Everything is allowed because the interpretation of prosperity is different for everyone.

Do you want to visualize a prosperous course of your education? Or do you wish yourself a successful year? Then make a Mind Movie with all the visual aspects that symbolize prosperity for you.

Mind Movies as a gift

Mind Movies are not only a great visualization tool for you but also for people around you. It is a super fun gift for your children to teach them how to use visualization to achieve their goals. It’s also an educational process, teaching them how neurology works in a nutshell. The Mind Movie interface is so simple that anyone can master it in no time.

The great thing about Mind Movies is that you buy an ongoing license, so it’s only a one-time investment. If you find the purchase price too high, you can consider buying a license together. The only drawback then is that you can’t use the software package at the same time.

How to make Mind Movies: The 101 Mind Movie Step-by-Step Tutorial

1.Find your images

There are several preloaded image categories in the Mind Movie software, but of course, you can make your video much more personal with your photos or images.

Make sure you have collected a collection of images beforehand.

The following list will help you collect the images you need to make a Mind Movie, just like Dr. Joe Dispenza explains. You will put these images in your video later. Categorize your photos related to health, finance, work, vacation all in separate folders on your computer for easy selection later. Examples for categories can include:

  • general health
  • luck
  • career
  • family life
  • financial abundance
  • holidays
  • home / cars

2. Select the right music for your Mind Movie

Your music choice for your Mind Movie is important. It must be empowering or a choice of music that reinforces your feeling. For example, if you are making a Mind Movie for holiday purposes, make sure you choose a nice summer hit that makes you happy and gives you a wonderful holiday feeling. In any case, make sure that the song fits your purpose perfectly.

The easiest method is to get music from iTunes or an mp3 you have in your possession. I prefer to pick a song that isn’t too long for the following reasons:

  • 1. With a long song, you have to match lots of images.
  • 2. Watching a Mind Movie for 6, 7, or even 10 minutes is quite long.
  • 2. Select the correct affirmations for your Mind Movie

The Mind Movie software contains a large number of preloaded positive affirmations, music, and images. You can look through them to see if there are any that appeal to you. Still, my experience is that it’s better to write your affirmations, choose your images and music because only you know best what’s empowering to you personally.

When you choose to write down your affirmations, make sure that they are all written positively. Write them down as if you are already in your future situation, such as “It’s a great feeling I don’t have to work no more,” or “I am free, I feel energetically charged, and life is smiling at me.” So avoid phrases like “I never want to…” or “I’m not going anymore…”.

3. Get started

In the dashboard of the Mind Movies Creation Kit (you get here by logging in to the MM website), you will see three buttons at the right top:

  • Script Writing
  • Create a video
  • My videos

Before you are going to put together your video, it is wise to write a script. I’ll skip this step for now because behind the Script Writing button is an extensive instructional video by Natalie Ledwell, the creator of the Mind Movies Creation Kit. I will now focus on making your Mind Movie for real.

Choose to Create a Video

This button shows the dashboard with which you can easily compose your video. You will see tabs like Pictures, Videos, Affirmations, Transitions, Music, and Preferences. Just below, you see Mind Movies Library and My Library.

How to make a Mind Movie step-by-step tutorial

In the Mind Movies Library, you will find a huge amount of preloaded images. These images are handy, but it is, of course, much more personal to use the photos that you have collected yourself. You can upload these to My Library via the More Actions button in My Library.

From My Library, you can easily drag the images to the black areas below. You can also alternate videos and pictures. Make sure you know in advance how long the song is to know approximately how many images you need to show.

You can see how the transitions between the images are shown between the black squares, such as blur or flip. The ‘hamburger menu’ in the black boxes allows you to configure the properties of the image in your video. For example, you can set the duration for how long each image is displayed. With the Edit Text button, you can insert text, such as positive affirmations.

Add your favorite empowering music

When you have selected a series of images and/or videos, you can add the music to your video. Go to the Music tab. There you will also see that preloaded music is available from the Mind Movies Library. Via My Music, you can upload your empowering music.

After you have uploaded the music, click Apply and then Preview in the main window. Mind Movies will now render or load your video. The rendering may take a while and depends on the number of photos and the length of the music. It usually takes a few minutes.

When loading is complete, you will see Preview Movie appear on the screen. You can then see what your Mind Movie looks like. Usually, it is impossible to create a perfect video the way you want in one go unless you are already very experienced. You will probably still want to adjust the transitions between the images here and there, want some photos on the screen a little longer, or want to slide or insert pictures here and there. It’s a bit of tinkering the first time, but everything works very intuitively, so you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Mind Movie Preview Movie

When your Mind Movie is to your liking, save it with Save Project. Give it the correct name to easily find it later when you have made several Mind Movies. Your Mind Movie is now saved in your personal Library (My Videos), where you can find it.

When you click on step 4, Send to Processor, you will be given the option to publish your video to Youtube or download it locally to publish it elsewhere.

Buttons Affirmations and Transitions

Under the menu button of Affirmations, you will find a large collection of affirmations that you can use. They are sorted by category. Under the Transitions button, you have a number of options for the transitions between the images in your video.

Transitions Dashboard Mind Movies

The Preferences button gives you the option to set the duration that the images in your Mind Movie are visible. You can also set the duration of the texts that pass you in your video.

As you can see, making Mind Movies is not difficult at all. Although the buttons and many options seem a bit overwhelming at first, after an hour of experimenting, you are completely off your feet.

Examples Mind Movies: making your own Mind movie

Of course, you can make your Mind Movie exactly the way you want. Below are a few examples of Mind Movies from participants in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops and seminars to give you some inspiration.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Mind Movie?

A Mind Movie is a short video where you visualize your personal goals through a digital vision board. You can pluck the images from your folders or get them from the Internet. The Mond Movies Creation kit 4.0 also contains many images that you can use. 

After you have placed the images or videos in the right order and configured the transitions between them, you can edit in your empowering music.

Mind Movies is extremely easy to use and very effective at installing and perpetuating neurological hardware in your brain, as Dr. Joe Dispenza explains.

What is the Mind Movies App?

The Mind Movies App is the latest and greatest in visualization app innovation. This app is designed so Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of the Mind Movies brand. You can easily create a mind movie and play it back on your smartphone. Ideal for traveling! You can download the app for Android and Apple.

How do you make Mind Movies on your smartphone or tablet?

How can I use the Mind Movies software for abundance?

If you want to use Mind Movies to attract abundance into your life, these are the steps to follow:

Identify your goals for abundance: First, determine what forms of abundance you want to attract. For example, do you want a fun relationship? Mountains of money? A beautiful vacation home? A healthy lifestyle or a fun and thriving business? Put your concrete goals on paper (write them down with a pen) so you let the universe know what you want.

Create affirmations: Write down positive affirmations that align with your abundance goals. For example, if your goal is financial abundance, you can use affirmations like “I am worthy of financial abundance” or “Money flows easily in my life.”

Create a visualization video: Using Mind Movies software, create a visual representation of your affirmations and goals. You can include images and videos that reflect abundance for you, such as images of money, success, a fat car, or other material possessions.

Watch your video daily: Watch your Mind Movies video every day, preferably right after you wake up or before sleep. Focus on positive affirmations and visualization as you do so. As you watch your video, completely empathize so that you already experience what it is like to achieve your abundance goals.

Practice gratitude: In addition to visualization and affirmations, it is crucial to cultivate a sense of gratitude for what you already have. Gratitude will help you attract even more abundance into your life.

Of course, the Mind Movies software for abundance is only one aspect of the manifestation process. So also take action to achieve your goals because waiting has never made anyone successful. Believe in your power and passion!

How long should my Mind Movie be?

Your Mind Movie can be 3-5 minutes. Longer videos are more challenging to keep your brain focussed. A shorter video is not recommended because you’d have to process too much content in such a short time.

How often should I watch my Mind Movie?

Try to watch your personal Mind Movie for at least 30 days twice a day (just after you wake up and just before going to sleep) to embed the content and attached feelings into your nervous system.


Does Mind Movies really work?

The Mind Movies software is a great way to integrate your strategy for personal development and manifestation. By repeatedly watching your self-created videos you can rewire your subconscious and align it with the desired outcome.

It involves creating vivid mental images of the goals or experiences you wish to manifest in your life. By vividly imagining and feeling these desired outcomes, you engage your subconscious mind and align your energy and focus toward achieving them.

The Mind Movies software is a very useful tool. When you use this visualization software, you set the following responses in motion:

Activation of the Subconscious Mind: Visualization taps into the power of the subconscious mind, which plays a significant role in shaping our beliefs, behaviors, and experiences. By repeatedly visualizing your dreams or goals, you can influence and condition the subconscious mind, aligning it with the desired outcome and increasing the likelihood of taking actions that support its manifestation.

Enhanced Focus and Clarity: Visualization sharpens focus and clarifies your intentions. When you create a detailed mental image of your desired outcome, you engage your mind and direct your attention toward your goals. This can help you stay motivated, make better decisions, and take inspired actions that align with your goals.

Emotional Alignment: Visualization techniques often involve not only visualizing but also feeling the emotions associated with the desired outcome. By experiencing the positive emotions connected to your dreams, such as joy, gratitude, or excitement, you align your energy with those experiences and increase the likelihood of attracting them into your life.

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs: Repetitive thoughts are called beliefs. Visualization can be a tool for challenging and changing limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from manifesting your dreams. By consistently visualizing a different reality and embodying the emotions of success, you can rewire your subconscious mind and replace old, limiting beliefs with new, empowering ones.

Increased Confidence and Self-Belief: Regular visualization can boost your confidence and self-belief by providing you with a sense of clarity, purpose, and possibility. As you repeatedly visualize your dreams and witness progress, you cultivate a stronger belief in your ability to achieve them.

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