Law of Attraction: the science behind the LOA


The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract what we focus on. And although it may sound intangible, abstract, and fuzzy to some, the latest scientific insights from quantum physics indicate that this intangible Law may just be true!

Regardless of our age, nationality, or religious beliefs, we are all receptive to the force of nature. The rules and laws of physics from the era of Newton have now been pushed aside by many quantum theorists. Linear thinking is no longer useful when applying the laws of quantum physics.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is one of life’s greatest conundrums. Few people are aware of how the Law of attraction can affect their daily life. Whether we apply the Law consciously or unconsciously, the way our universe works shows that we humans are, in fact, electromagnetic transmitters who send out thoughts and emotions and have a corresponding attraction to what we have sent out.

Most people are blind, and many who have heard of it do not believe in it. To them, the Law of attraction is abstract, and if you can’t see it, “then it doesn’t exist.” And that is also the reason why this Law will never apply to them: they send the wrong signals into the cosmos, and for that reason, they also get them back, in the form of bad luck and unwanted events in their lives.

But what if the Law of attraction suddenly manifests itself in your life? What if all of a sudden, everything you want comes your way? Then life would be a big party, wouldn’t it?

When you have come to know these forces of the universe and how you can apply them effectively in your daily life, you will come to the insight that you can create a very large part of your future self simply by giving the right signals to the cosmos.

Applying the Law of Attraction

In one way or another, we are all susceptible to the laws of the universe. It was the quantum theory that bleached old Newtonian paradigms, and the nonlinear body of thought that quantum theory spawned also seem to support the Law of attraction.

The Law of attraction uses the mind’s imagination to make it concrete and transform it into reality. To put it straightforwardly, if you focus on what’s going wrong, you keep failing. You create, as it were, a pattern for yourself that does not seem to be interrupted. However, if you focus on the positive and experience nuanced emotions such as gratitude, appreciation, and care, the positive things in life will come to you naturally.

In order to be able to use the Law of attraction successfully for yourself or for your organization, it is important that you are aware of your emotions, reaction patterns and therefore have them well under control.

The History of the Law of Attraction>

The Law of attraction goes back centuries and has traditionally been closely associated with the concept of “karma.” As early as the year 700 BC, the term karma was used in Sanskrit. Karma already had an ethical meaning (act) and indicated that what you did for someone else, that you would also get it back.

When globalization included the idea of ​​karma in Western culture, the negative side of karma was mainly highlighted. Nowadays, you see a lot of videos on YouTube that showcase karma in a “humorous” way: an angry driver kicks another’s car and then has another collision. Very nice… ^^.

Fortunately, karma also has more positive sides. When you approach situations with a positive attitude, this positive approach will also return to your life. You do not know when or to what extent. All you know is it’s coming back.

To what extent does the Law of attraction work?

Many people don’t believe in the Law of attraction. “I approached it with a positive feeling and did everything as described, but I got nothing in return.” Exactly, the feeling of giving up invalidates the effect of the Law of attraction. If you have certain expectations, for example, instant satisfaction, then the kite does not work.

The biggest challenge lies in recognizing and accepting how the Law works: you don’t know when you will get it back. Hope, courage, and perseverance are the keys to this. Just keep going, because after all, you are free to take charge of your life and free yourself forever from the emotions of fear, worry, or negativity that have held you back from achieving your goals for far too long.

How does the Law of attraction work?

When you start applying the Law of Attraction, you may wonder how it works. What is the whole theoretical foundation of what you use? IS it scientifically substantiated, perhaps?

Although more and more is becoming clear with insights from quantum physics, there are still gray areas in the underpinning of the theory. It is clear that our emotions and the holographic workings of our universe clearly play a very important role in the workings of the Law of Attraction.

There are a number of things that apply to the Law of Attraction that you should definitely remember. These properties are of great importance to make the law work for you.

1. The Law works constantly

Many people think that the Law only applies when they think about it or focus on something. The Law of Attraction operates continuously, 24/7, and 365/366 days a year. Just as we are energetically in constant contact with the universe, the infinite field of energy and information, so we are also in continuous contact with the Law of Attraction.

So it is crucial to understand that the Law of Attraction works incessantly. It affects everything you do and experience every day, and so you influence the Law. Because everything you do, think and radiate, you get back from the holographic universe that works like a mirror. So send positive energy into the universe and see what you get in return!

2. Radiate and receive: your frequency determines the results

In our energetic universe, everything revolves around frequencies. Everything vibrates to a greater or lesser extent. Negative emotions are known to have a lower frequency. That is also the reason why the presence of a negative person often creates an unpleasant feeling for someone who is positive.

So your emotions are paramount and a primary factor that determines whether you manifest your dreams successfully. To ensure a high frequency: approach things with a positive mindset, do things that make you feel good and radiate that to your environment.

A high frequency inevitably increases positivity in your life.

3. Align conscious and subconscious

Although with your conscious mind, you may label yourself as an extremely positive person, it is still possible to attract negativity. This is possible because negative patterns can be hidden in your subconscious brain. Without realizing it, we are still a magnet for adverse events.

Those negative patterns are the legacy of your past. Based on your experiences and perception, you have taught yourself behaviors and thinking patterns that are embedded in your subconscious. These can be fears and limiting beliefs. The good news, however, is that you can reprogram these patterns in your subconscious. You can do this through meditation, NLP techniques, and hypnosis. You can reinforce this reprogramming with visualization techniques. I myself have experienced that Mind Movies can be a very powerful tool.

4. Harness the power of intention

You can significantly improve the results of your efforts if you are aware of your intention. What is the basis of your urge to want what you want? Would you like to receive appreciation from your environment? Do you want to prove something to yourself? Do you perhaps want to be meaningful to others? Always ask yourself questions, as this is critical to discovering your true intent.

Your awareness of your true intention is very important for the Law of Attraction to work for you, and it gives you peace of mind knowing about it. Many people find it difficult to figure out this true intention because they are going to rationalize it. For those, meditation can be a valuable resource. Quiet your mind, and then your intention will emerge automatically. It is then your heart brain that puts you to work.

5. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want

Just as the frequency (the positive vibes) affects the outcome, so does your focus. Always be constructive in this. You attract what you radiate. So if you have an avoidant attitude (I don’t want this or that), then you will attract that.

Some people live out of fear, often without even realizing it. They are desperate for money concerns or leave everything to fate. In other words, they are not taking matters into their own hands. Trust that everything will be fine in the end, provided you radiate this.

Do you prefer to focus on what you do want, such as financial abundance, a nice sports car, or a super sweet partner who is always there for you? The people who control this focus need to acquire the ability to reframe.

6. Keep learning about the Law of attraction

The Law of Attraction has been intermittently popular over time under a variety of names. Due to the rise of science and modern insights, the Law of Attraction has undergone a revival in recent years. Scientists such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, and Nassim Haramein make connections between neurology, psychology, and quantum physics, as a result of which the Law of attraction is increasingly scientifically substantiated and provides more and more new insights in terms of operation.

So it is well worth the effort to continue to immerse yourself in the science behind the Law of Attraction so that you can fine-tune your application skills for yourself. It is also nice when someone asks you: “How does the Law of attraction work?”, That you can then explain in detail how someone else can achieve his / her goals. And remember: explaining something teaches you the most!

The science behind the Law of attraction

Although the Law of attraction is too abstract for most people, science has made it a lot more concrete in recent years. Quantum physics has given us a lot of insight in recent years into the tremendous power that our brains and especially our emotions, this interaction between our emotions and the environment works, the better we can make the Law of Attraction work for us.

However, the Law of attraction works, and whatever scientific insights influence it, let’s be glad that the Law of attraction exists and that we can make use of it. Whether you want to be happier in life or amass great wealth, the more effectively you learn to apply the Law, the more fulfilling and rewarding life will give you. There are no restrictions, so be open to enjoy the natural bounty of the universe!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming for the Law of Attraction

One person uses the Law of Attraction for an excellent job, the other for unparalleled wealth, and yet another wants to attract a life partner. Although the Law of Attraction has already been applied by many successful people, it is always good that people look for facets that can be used more effectively. With the right techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you can manifest your goals faster and more effectively.

With the NLP techniques below, you will soon be able to achieve your goals more effectively and more specifically. Everything revolves around specificity, visualization, and evoked emotions. You can always apply the NLP techniques that I explain to you below when manifesting your goals, both for physical matters – such as a car, job, or home – as for a relationship or your spiritual goals.

NLP, also called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a collection of communication techniques that have been developed since the 1970s to better understand communication patterns, both with yourself and with other individuals and groups.

By gaining insight into your own thought patterns, those of others, and how your brain works, you can influence your behavior particularly effectively. For example, you can intensify your visualizations, place annoying emotions “further away,” or copy someone else’s desired behavior or abilities to your own “hard drive,” your brain.

The following NLP techniques can help you apply the Law of Attraction more effectively:


Of course, in the Law of Attraction, visualization is super important. If you don’t have a clear picture of what you want to get done, then it isn’t going to be him. To reinforce your visualizations, you can use the NLP technique Submodalities.

Submodalities are the properties that you can attribute to your representation systems. Your representation systems are the ways you can perceive:

The submodalities are the properties of these representation systems. For example, visual perception can be sharp, have a lot of contrast, or be vague. An auditory signal can be loud in volume, dull or distant. Thus, all types of observations have their own properties. Just think of the settings on your TV.

You can play with your visualization with the submodalities. When you start empathizing with your desired situation – so with a person for a relationship or a car that you want – you can let these submodalities work for you and make the experience considerably more intense. The more intense this experience is, the better you can empathize with yourself and the more effective the effect is.

How do you go about it?

In order for the Law of Attraction to work for you, it is vital to already be able to “see” and experience your future self. How will it feel when you have reached your goal? How satisfied do you feel? How proud (K) do you feel? What does (O) your car’s new interior smell like? How does (A) the rumble under the hood of your fat V8 sound? How does (K) the leather upholstery feel?

Suppose you want a new partner in your life. Visualize how you are with your future partner and how you already have a relationship together. Together you walk along the boulevard, and you hear (A) the gulls, you can smell (O) the slightly salty air of the sea, and (V) you see a few surfers in the distance in the surf against the setting sun. You feel (K) how his firm hand squeezes yours lightly, and that makes you feel safe (K).

During this visualization, you can play with the mentioned submodalities to make this experience more intense. You make the sounds of the seagulls a bit louder and more shrill and the salty air a bit stronger. You also make the feeling of safety that his presence gives just a little more robust. You are at the mixing console of the submodalities, so you determine how intense your experience is.

In this way, you can make every experience more intense in terms of experience. This is also possible the other way around, but this application is usually used for trauma processing and PTSD.

Association dissociation

Association is the “magic” factor in the use of submodalities. The better you are able to associate yourself (to make the commitment, to “go together”) with an (imagined) situation, the more powerful the effect will be.
On the other hand, it is also important to be able to dissociate yourself or “distance yourself” from a situation, for example, by looking at yourself from a helicopter view and thereby detaching yourself from your feelings and emotions. So this works great for learning to deal with trauma.

Law of Attraction documentaries

The Law of Attraction is a powerful and equally mysterious phenomenon. It can completely change your life, regardless of your circumstances. And it always works, whether you apply it in a negative or positive sense. To give you a positive boost, I’ve listed the best Law of Attraction documentaries for you.

Each of the documentaries below is inspiring, motivating, and, more importantly, life-transforming what I do myself: once every few months, I watch a few of the Law of Attraction documentaries below. By doing so, I refresh everything and can maintain a positive focus. Everything – including the Law of Attraction – is about conditioning, conditioning of your neurology.

The Secret

The Secret is, of course, the flagship of the Law of Attraction documentaries. The entire documentary revolves around attraction and how strongly your state of mind affects it. The familiar faces in the documentary, including Jack Canfield and Dr. Joe Vitale, explain how the Law of Attraction has worked for them, as well as for other people.

It’s hard not to be inspired by The Secret, and I’m sure this Law of Attraction documentary has become a worldwide sensation for that reason.

The Secret is powerful yet easily digestible. Personally, I always watch the documentary in parts to properly absorb and “digest” all the information in my brain. This documentary is one of my favorites, so be sure to purchase the DVD below or add it to your watchlist!

The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story

Jack Canfield, the mega-successful author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, is a master of the Law of Attraction. Not only is his own success story proof, but he is also a successful speaker who has dedicated his life to helping others reach their full potential. Yes, indeed: with the help of the Law of Attraction.

The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story describes Jack’s life, the success he is best known for (writing the Chicken Soup for the Soul series), and the empire he created from it.

This video is a great Law of Attraction documentary and a wonderful example of how powerful the Law of Attraction can be!

What the Bleep Do We Know

The documentary What the bleep do we know? is based on the latest insights from quantum physics. It shows how we are surrounded by a sea of information and energy and draw on the unlimited quantum possibilities. What we focus our attention on becomes our reality. So that means we can create our own reality.

What you see around you is the result of the focus you have given to a quantum possibility. If you shift your focus, you will see a different reality.

This documentary tells about the quantum world through the story of an unhappy photographer girl.

Think & Grow Rich (The Legacy)

The Think and Grow Rich documentary shows the success stories of many great entrepreneurs living today. Also, this Law of Attraction documentary shows the stories described in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Watch this documentary, and it will surely inspire you because although Napolean Hill didn’t know the workings of the Law of Attraction at the time of writing. Hill did make a great contribution with his techniques, using the NLP technique Modeling.


Heal is one of the newest Law of Attraction documentaries on Netflix, and it is a gem! From the perspective of the Law of Attraction, this documentary brings insights regarding our health.

When you watch this video, you see how we can heal our bodies with the power of our minds by thinking and feeling. We can determine the outcome. It is the power of our beliefs that determines whether we are sick or better.

This documentary is truly inspiring and will convince you that your mind is much more powerful than you ever imagined. The documentary contains a tremendous amount of scientific and anecdotal evidence, including some very influential people.

Heal is truly an important Law of Attraction documentary that should be on your list. This film will make you change your entire outlook on life. It’s on Netflix, so put it on your watch list! Be sure to check out the trailer.


The Law of Attraction documentary E-motion shows the power of our subconscious mind. It shows how we hold negative emotions of fear, anxiety, unforgiveness, and anger in our bodies. And once we can release these emotions, our physiology changes.

These stuck emotions cause disease in our nervous system. Many people use medications that only treat the symptoms. However, when we work with these stuck emotions, we can often heal from illness without medication.

Celebrities on the Law of Attraction

As you will probably understand, they are mostly successful people who apply the Law of Attraction. Let the experiences of the following celebrities inspire you.
Jim Carrey – actor

I believe in manifestation. I believe in sending a rocket out into the universe. You only get something when you believe in it. People just sit and wait when something finally happens. And that’s the wrong way! They look away.

Big Sean – rapper

Develop, improve, create. I create my own world. I can turn any situation into a reality. Imagine having everything you could possibly want.

Bob Proctor – businessman

If you see it in your head, you can hold it in your hands.

Will Smith – actor

Our feelings, our dreams, our ideas are physically in the universe. So when we dream about something, when we imagine something, it creates physical pressure towards its realization.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – bodybuilder, actor, ex-politician

When I was very young, I already visualized what I wanted to become and have. I never questioned whether I ever would or ever would. The human mind is so incredible. Before I get my Mr. Universe title, I walked around the property as if I already had Mr. Universe was. The title was already mine. I had won the prize so many times in my head that there could be no doubt.

The same was true of the acting life. I visualized myself as a successful actor making a lot of money. I could feel and taste it. I just knew it was going to happen.

Jay-Z – rapper

I believe you can talk things into reality. Our words have physical strength. We base our behavior on what we say and think. And our behavior plays on the results we achieve. So if we want to achieve greatness, we have to start with positive self-talk.

Conor McGregor – MMA fighter

If you can imagine something and you have the guts to speak it out, you can achieve it. I see opportunities, sequences and I don’t shy away from them. Many people believe in certain things but keep them to themselves. They don’t pronounce it. If you really believe in it, you have to speak it out because in doing so, you put the power of the Law of Attraction to work to turn it into reality.

Steve Harvey – TV host

You have to realize that you are a magnet. Whatever you are, that’s what attracts you. When you are negative, you attract negativity. If you are positive, then you attract positivity. Are you a friendly person? Then you will surround yourself with friendly people. If you can imagine it yourself, then you can hold it in your hand. That is the truth!

Maya Angelou – poet and people activist

Ask for what you need, and you will get it. You must send your wishes into the universe. The people who never do that don’t realize it.

Jack Canfield – writer

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus yourself on, what you think about, what you talk intensely about, are the things that attract you to your life.

Tony Robbins – NLP guru, speaker, writer

Everything you put into your mind will manifest in your life. Our mind is the tool to transform our imagination into truth.

John Assaraf – writer, trainer

Many people are mainly concerned with things that they do not want, but they still ask themselves why these things are happening in their lives. Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become character, and character is our mission. Life consists of only 20% of what we experience and 80% of how we respond to it.

Albert Einstein – scientist

Our imaginations have the ability to tap into the infinite potential of human consciousness. Never stop dreaming. Dream about a great life and chase your dreams every day. Imagination is everything. It is a foretaste of what is to come in your life.

Dr. Joe Vitale – coach, author

The universe loves speed. So don’t slow down. Do not doubt. When the opportunity presents itself, when the sign is there, when the intuitive confirmation is there, take action. It’s your job, and that’s all you have to do.

Earl Nightingale – author, radio host

No matter what we plant in our subconscious mind and feed with repetition and emotion, one day will become a reality. What you believed 20 years ago still controls how you behave today and thus the quality of your life.

Wayne Dyer – psychologist, author

You can create your desired life by focusing on what you want to attract. Once you have mastered the concept of this idea, you no longer feel the need to come up with excuses to keep you from doing it. Instead, you will prefer to manifest what you do want to manifest in your life.

William Atkinson – author

Imagination is the first step in creation, both in trifles and in words. The mental pattern always precedes the material form. What you feed with your thoughts and emotions in your imagination will become your reality.

James Allen – auteur

Iemand kan alleen groeien, overwinnen en dingen bereiken door zijn/haar positieve gedachten. Hij/zij kan alleen zwak, passief en miserabel blijven door te weigeren zijn/haar gedachten positief te maken.

Elizabeth Towne – auteur

De hoeveelheid geld die je aantrekt is exact van dezelfde waarde als de waarde van de ideeën die je in de praktijk hebt gebracht. Geld is het directe resultaat van de waarde die je creëert voor anderen. Wees bereid om een miljoen mensen te bedienen als je miljonair wilt worden. Dít is de Wet van aantrekking voor jou!

Kanye West – rapper

Ik voelde altijd al dat ik tot alles in staat was. Dat gevoel is de manier waardoor mensen worden gecontroleerd: gedachten, de perceptie van jezelf. Ze worden beperkt door de perceptie van zichzelf. Als je geleerd wordt dat je tot niets in staat bent, zal er ook niets uit komen.

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