The best books by Joe Dispenza, incl. Meditations

Best Books Joe Dispenza

Neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza has written beautiful books. Personally, I’ve read them all, plus the sheer amount of exciting research papers he’s conducted and published over the years. In Joe Dispenza’s best books, you will find a treasure of information about how the brain works and how to become your future self and influence this process yourself.

After all, nothing could be further from the truth than that we can decide for ourselves who, what and how we live. Based on quantum physics, Joe Dispenza shows that we live in a kind of holographic universe and that the universe simply reflects what we send out into the cosmos through our emotions and beliefs.

The content of Joe Dispenza’s best books is perfectly in line with Gregg Braden’s readers, an astrophysicist. He has been researching ancient wisdom, mysticism, quantum theory, and connecting these different fields for more than 30 years. These notable scientists work closely together in their research.

Joe Dispenza’s best books at a glance

Evolve your Brain

Evolve your Brain was Joe Dispenza’s first book. In the book, he asks if we change our thoughts, will our reality shift?

By evolving our brain and mind, we exert a more significant influence on the objective world. Joe Dispenza shows how to train the brain and make our minds work more efficiently, so we become more aware of ourselves when observing reality.

Buddhist monks, for example, have a more collective mind through the use of the frontal lobe, as they can maintain more focus. We know that with the help of knowledge about how the brain works, we can condition the brain to view things in a new and different way.

When you have read this book by Dispenza, you will also understand that your experiences, especially your consciousness, further shape the brain. Just think of a cheese connoisseur who is very familiar with tastes, smells, and aromas perceive things that others don’t even know existed.

The book Evolve your Brain gives you an extraordinary glimpse into how our brains work and how we can put them to work to influence our reality.

Joe Dispenza: “Change your thoughts, change your life.”

You are the Placebo / You are the Placebo

Joe Dispenza’s second book is You Are the Placebo. In this book, Dispenza shows how we can use the power of our perception to heal ourselves. Is it possible to heal your body by thought alone? Without medication or surgery? The truth is, such healing is more common than you might expect.

In You Are the Placebo, Joe Dispenza shares numerous documented cases of people who have reversed cancer, heart disease, depression, crippling arthritis, and even the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease by applying the placebo effect. Likewise, dr. Joe also tells about people who got sick through the nocebo effect, stayed ill, or even died after being misdiagnosed with a fatal illness.

Our belief is a more potent phenomenon than we have always assumed. Joe Dispenza also poses the question in You are the Placebo: “Is it possible to explain to someone the principles of placebo and then without external substance – i.e., medication – bring about the same internal changes in a person’s health?”

Based on the brain scans shown in the book’s center, he then explains how his workshops’ participants bring about remarkable healings. The participants learn his practical model of personal transformation, which is based on the so-called placebo effect.

The book ends with a “practical” meditation for changing the beliefs and perceptions that hold us back – the first step in healing. You Are the Placebo links the most recent insights in neuroscience, biology, psychology, hypnosis, behavioral conditioning, and quantum physics. Based on this powerful amalgamation, Joe Dispenza explains how the placebo effect works. He shows how to make the impossible possible.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

We have always learned that we are doomed by our genes. They would determine the course of our life for the most part. Are you ill? Then it is because of your genes. Do you get cancer? Your genes are to blame.

In Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Joe Dispenza shows that our lives are not determined by our genes. This also means that “we just don’t have to deal with them” for the rest of our lives. No, we can influence our genes and, through knowledge and awareness, we can control our health and our behavior.

In fact, we can create the reality that we choose for. In Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dispenza shows what is really possible based on science like quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics.

The book is theoretical and very practical: the theory is directly supplemented with practical exercises, and if you also integrate these into your daily life, your life will change dramatically, in a good sense, of course! The step-by-step tools you apply teach you directly how to make measurable changes in any part of your life.

In the book, dr. Joe links science and spirituality flawlessly together, something most scientists shy away from. His workshops and lectures have now drawn tens of thousands of people worldwide and enabled the participants to change themselves from within.

Once you break the habit of being yourself and real

Change your mind; your life will never be the same again!

Becoming Supernatural

Becoming Supernatural is Joe Dispenza’s most recent book. Personally, I think this is one of Joe Dispenza’s best books, but only for the more advanced reader, who is already familiar with the knowledge from his other books. Using challenging scientific insights and ancient wisdom, he shows how people like you can experience a greater depth in spirituality. The clever thing is that Dispenza knows how to convey this “tough information” in his book in a very light-hearted and easily understandable way.

By applying different meditations discussed in the book, you learn to get closer to yourself, remember to use heart coherence, and use your creativity. Heart coherence is discussed extensively in this book based on the collaboration he has had with the HeartMath Institute for many years.

From practical examples, the reader will learn that we can tune into frequencies outside of our material world and thus receive more ordered coherent streams of consciousness and energy. He also explains how we can consciously change our brain chemistry to initiate profound mystical, transcendental experiences.

From all the practical examples and exercises, we can develop the skills to build a more efficient, more balanced, healthier body and an open mind.

Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural offers nothing less than a complete program to step outside our physical reality and to tap into the quantum field of infinite possibilities. This book is definitely my favorite Joe Dispenza book !!

“This is who we really are,” he writes, “and this is the future I create – one in which each of us becomes supernatural. ”

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