Inner Balance Trainer HeartMath Institute: how to measure Heart Coherence

Inner Balance Trainer HeartMath Institute measure your Heart Coherence

The HeartMath Institute Inner Balance Trainer enables you to improve your well-being innovatively. Through practice, instruction, and independent monitoring of your inner balance, you will receive real-time feedback on how you feel yourself at a particular moment.

The Inner Balance Trainer gives you direct clarity about the emotions you feel via the screen on your smartphone. That way, it is childishly easy to train yourself and experience positive feelings.

Operation Inner Balance Trainer

Research from HeartMath Institute shows that when you focus on positive emotions, such as gratitude and appreciation, you can greatly reduce the effects of stress. You can not only relax better but also become more resilient to stressful situations.

The HeartMath Institute has been researching the influence of stress on our physiology since the 1990s. Besides, HeartMath has developed a line of devices that make the degree of stress measurable. HeartMath developed a range of easy-to-use techniques to effectively suppress stressful feelings. Central to this is self-regulation, where you can influence your physiology and well-being.

What does the Inner Balance Trainer measure?

You simply connect the Inner Balance Trainer to an app on your smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android) via Bluetooth. Here you can read the HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and heart coherence in real-time on your phone or tablet, and you can immediately see which environmental influences directly interact with your stress level, for example.

The Inner Balance Trainer registers the heart rate extremely accurately, and you gain insight into your emotional state through various screens. You also immediately see your exercises’ effect on your physiology, and you get a better grip on your emotions.

The Inner Balance App gives: Inner Balance Trainer HeartMath Inner Balance Heartmath App

  • insight into how to step by step into a state of coherence
  • insight into your progress through an overview of all sessions
  • a diary in which you can record the experiences during a session
  • awards for your progress
  • the possibility to do sessions with your inspiring photos and music

Now with HeartCloud

With the Inner Balance Trainer, you can access HeartCloud, an online platform where you can save all your session results. Even if you do sessions on other HeartMath devices, you can easily compare the results achieved on HeartCloud. The HeartCloud from HeartMath is available for every HeartMath technology: emWave® Pro, emWave2®, and Inner Balance ™.
Inner Balance Heartmath

Radiation from Bluetooth

The Inner Balance ™ Trainer Bluetooth Sensor uses BT4.0 (BTLE- Bluetooth low energy), which achieves an output of up to 0.5 milliwatts (mW). This is considerably less than that of a mobile phone with an output of 250 to 2000 mW. The small Bluetooth transmitter is in the module that attaches to the clothing, not in the ear sensor.

Bluetooth Software Compatibility

  • Android OS 5 or newer
  • iOS Version 10 or later
  • Bluetooth version 4

The Inner Balance device comes with an English manual.

The HeartMath Institute Inner Balance device enables you to improve your well-being in an innovative way. Through practice, instruction, and independent monitoring of your inner balance, you will receive real-time feedback on how you feel yourself at a particular moment.
Inner Balance Manual for Android.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Inner Balance Trainer work?

What is the HeartMath technique?

The HeartMath technique is a one-minute way that allows for a significant shift in perception. When you master the exercises of HeartMath, you can quickly turn a negative emotion into a positive one by effectively changing your attention. In situations of stress, you can shift your thoughts and consciously direct your feelings, allowing you to better cope with stress. 


How do you connect the Inner Balance Trainer with the HeartMath app?

Apply the HeartMath (30 Pin or Lightning) iOS® Sensor to the earlobe. Then connect via Bluetooth to the app on your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® Touch. Tap the screen in the space below the breathing pacer to begin the session. Follow the pacer along with the on-screen prompts, which will lead you to a state of increased heart coherence.

How much does an Inner Balance Trainer cost?

$199.00. The Inner Balance Trainer by HeartMath costs $199.00 on their website. The device is convenient but extremely effective and is an excellent way to train heart coherence. You can view all data measured by the ear sensor in real-time in the app you install on your smartphone or tablet. 

Does HeartMath Inner Balance improve the HRV?

Yes, with HeartMath’s Inner Balance, you learn to increase your heart coherence. The HRV (heart rhythm variability) is the measure to express the state of heart coherence. 

By regularly practicing – preferably daily – you learn how to make yourself feel better by consciously directing your thoughts. Evoke a positive emotion such as gratitude, appreciation, or love. By combining this emotion with the HeartMath breathing technique, you will notice how your body and mind come to rest. As a result, you reduce stress and sustainably invest in your overall health and also feel happier.

How do I connect my Inner Balance Trainer with the HeartMath app?

Does HeartMath have an app?

Yes, you can find it in the App Store and Google Play. HeartMath equipment, such as the Inner Balance Trainer and the emWave, are Bluetooth enabled and connected smoothly with iOS and Android phones and tablets. Lightning is the wired version for iOS devices with a Lightning connector. There is also a USB-C version for Android devices with a USB-C connector. 

Does Inner Balance work with the Apple Watch?

No, there is no app available for Apple Watch. However, you can use your Apple Watch to measure coherence breathing with the Breathing Pacer. You can set how long you want to measure the breath. If you find this useful, you can also purchase a Heartmath Inner Balance, a biofeedback device that visually displays the degree of heart coherence or how happy you feel.

What is emWave?

HeartMath’s emWave technology is an easy-to-use yet extremely sophisticated heart rhythm monitor. The emWave monitor displays the degree of heart coherence that reflects your emotional state and helps you learn to better cope with stressful situations.

What is the difference between inner balance and emWave2?

The difference between the emWave2® and the Inner Balance Trainer is that the Inner Balance App is designed specifically for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The emwave2 is a portable, handheld device that allows you to record sessions. In this way, it is possible to reproduce later which situations produced stress and which stimuli produced heart coherence. For a therapeutic setting, the emWave2 is a better option. For simple personal use, the Inner Balance Trainer is preferred.

What is coherence with the Inner Balance?

Coherence is the term for the psychophysiological coherence you can measure with HeartMath’s Inner Balance device. In the app on your phone or tablet, you can see in real-time how your breathing and heart rate become in a state of order and harmony under the influence of breathing and evoking positive emotions. Heart coherence is achieved when the heart, mind, and emotions are aligned and work together harmoniously.

Is the HeartMath app free?

Yes, you can download the HeartMath app for free from the App Store or from Google Play.

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