Gamma brainwaves: this is how to improve consciousness with meditation

Gamma Brainwaves Awareness Meditation

Brain science is making great strides. We are increasingly able to understand what exactly is going on in the brain. A field of research that is increasingly causing a stir is science that conducts research into consciousness. It is about the search for exactly where consciousness resides: is it in the brain? Is it about the gamma brainwaves? Or perhaps the electromagnetic field produced by the brain?

Based on more than 40 years of research and research in approximately 100,000 people’s meditation sessions around the world, we now know that consciousness is the flow of energy that takes place between the brain, the human energy field and the quantum field of light from which all the energy and information. arises.

Mind Mirror

This interaction between mind, body and spirit is visible on the Mind Mirror. The Mind Mirror is an EEG / biofeedback device that displays brainwave frequencies in a composite, interconnected pattern of the brain’s composite hemispheres.

The Mind Mirror can also measure the gamma brain waves that occur in the brain during deep meditative states. These gamma patterns are also associated with the superconscious.

In essence, the Mind Mirror’s rendering is a photographic projection of the content of consciousness. Even the slightest change in consciousness is precisely reflected in the interrelationships of the frequency bands and five brainwave categories: gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta.

Consciousness and gamma brainwaves

When we turn our consciousness inward during meditation, the beta waves of the active, externally oriented intellect are already flattened. Even closing the eyes and thus closing off the external world is already enough to change the brainwaves.

The interactions of consciousness and the related brainwave patterns are fascinating to say the least. In a deeply meditative state, gamma brain waves are visible on the Mind Mirror and the people who meditate benefit from increased creativity, insight, self-recovery and are able to achieve peak mental performance. In addition, they themselves report a sense of bliss, tremendous creativity and enlightenment.

Frequencies of gamma

The frequencies of gamma are between 25 and 100 Hz. In particular, the higher frequencies within this spectrum are also associated with the shift in consciousness that is currently taking place on Earth. Although such a large-scale shift is difficult to prove scientifically, assumptions can be made on the basis of frequencies.

Gamma brainwaves, energetics, and mysticism

In 2005 neuroscientists Richard Davidson and Wolf Singer started the discussion about gamma brain waves during their research on EEG. They identified gamma, ranging from 25 to 100 hertz, as an organizing current that synchronizes the entire brain, ie the four lobes, across all frequencies. The main connection of gamma, according to Singer and Davidson, is between the awareness of attention and the feeling of compassion.

Together, their research reveals that gamma brainwaves play a crucial role in cognitive functions and consciousness. They’ve shown that these brainwaves are linked to focused attention, heightened awareness, and altered states of consciousness induced by meditation or certain drugs.

These findings also suggest that dysfunctions in gamma oscillations could contribute to neurological and psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. However, practices like meditation have been found to modulate gamma wave activity, indicating that mindfulness training may promote better cognitive function and emotional regulation.

Dr. Joe Dispenza also reports in his book Evolve Your Brain that gamma brainwaves cause the production of new brain cells in the frontal lobes and hippocampus, thereby increasing intellectual capacity.

Anna Wise

Anna Wise was one of the pioneers in researching the links between brain waves and spirituality. After more than 30 years of research, she concluded that spiritually awakened people consistently produced more high-amplitude gamma waves, up to 64 hertz.

A striking feature of these people is that they all turned out to be hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

The Monroe Institute and SAM Technology

The Monroe Institute is a non-profit organization in the United States that has been conducting brain research in relation to spirituality for decades. The institute was founded by Robert Monroe. Hemisync is by far the best-known series of audio files aimed at influencing our brainwaves, making us better able to perform certain tasks. There are CDs that promote concentration, but also for meditation, sleep and creativity.

One of the techniques of the Monroe Institute (TMI) is Spatial Angle Modulation ™, or SAM for short. This technology evolved from the binaural beat technology that TMI has been using since the mid-1970s.

To understand how TMI’s SAM sound technology helps create and cultivate certain meditative states, you first need some basic knowledge of brainwave patterns.

Our brains run on electricity – that is, whenever there is a transfer of energy between groups of neurons, it creates an electrical voltage. Brain waves are essentially a measure of that electrical activity in the form of nerve impulses.

EEGs are used to measure both the frequency (in Hz or cycles / sec) and the amplitude (in microvolts) of brain waves.

TMI’s SAM technology can produce all of these waves, as well as gamma waves at frequencies above 30 Hz to 120 Hz or more. Scientific research links gamma, attention awareness and full brain synchronization – that is, all parts of the brain are in coherence with each other.

Brain seduction

Our brains tend to follow an incoming signal. This can be both a sound frequency and a visual signal, such as a flashing light. The brain takes over the frequency with which this signal is played. This process is called brain temptation, also known as Frequenty Following Response (FFR).

The SAM technology can bring you into a certain meditative state and SAM also promotes the synchronization of the brainwave patterns across both hemispheres of the brain. This entire brain synchronization has been demonstrated with EEGs recorded during meditation sessions. Even the most inexperienced meditators are able to achieve a meditative state and produce gamma brain waves with these techniques.

An increasingly well-known technique in which brain seduction is used is the use of brain machines. You wear headphones and glasses with LED lights. These lights flash at a certain frequency and the signals from the headphones also come from a box, the brain machine. Inside the box are a number of pre-programmed programs that can reduce the symptoms of AD (H) D, promote sleep quality and creativity, or help achieve increased concentration. The meditation programs in this equipment can also help produce more gamma brain waves.

Left and right brain synchronization

You have probably heard of a dominant left hemisphere or a dominant right brain hemisphere. When you are in an awake state, the brain waves of both hemispheres are often not consistent. Some experience with meditation can train these inconsistencies.

With the SAM technology in particular, the brainwave patterns of both hemispheres (hemispheres) become more synchronized and our brains work more effectively and at a higher level.

Research on gamma brainwaves and consciousness

In early 2017, the Monroe Institute conducted a study into the influence of SAM technology on gamma brain waves and consciousness. The Mind Mirror equipment was used to chart the influences on the brain waves and the synchronization between the two hemispheres of the brain. The participants were also given questionnaires to map out how they had experienced the “Journey to Happiness” program.

Four researchers simultaneously monitored fourteen participants as they were guided through the SAM technology to higher states of consciousness. Participants reclined in anti-gravity chairs while listening to the SAM meditations through Bluetooth headphones. Each person was connected to a dual-semicircular EEG sensor for nine 40-minute Hemi-Sync and SAM exercises performed over five days.

The four Mind Mirror monitors displayed the brainwave patterns of the subjects and the findings were subsequently analyzed.

The conclusions were sensational. All participants responded to the SAM audio frequencies by producing consistent gamma brain waves from 35-45Hz and some at much higher frequencies up to 100Hz. Virtually everyone also reported an expansion of consciousness during the week.

Conclusions of the study

All people who used the SAM techniques were able to produce brainwave patterns in the gamma spectrum and the outliers to the 100 Hz were special in themselves. Especially the more experienced meditators were able to reach the higher gamma frequencies. In a few participants, the increased gamma activity also entailed increased alpha amplitudes.

The conclusion was that the SAM frequencies led to life-changing insights, psychic awareness and even mystical experiences in participants.

Gamma brainwaves, remote viewing and travel outside the body

In the last few years in particular, research into gamma brain waves has exploded. The fact that spirituality and consciousness can be made measurable is sensational in itself.

People who have experiences with the gamma spectrum brainwaves report, in addition to their deep relaxation, inner peace and bliss, also startling experiences. It turns out not to be extraordinary that one is capable of remote viewing in a deeply meditative state. Telepathic abilities and out-of-body experiences are also common.

In any case, the gamma spectrum of our brainwaves opens a door not only to a higher consciousness, but also to a great field of research where a great deal remains to be discovered.

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