Full body orgasm: ready for a >30min orgasm? Solo or with a partner?

Full Body Orgasm

A full body orgasm sounds to the imagination of many and only achievable for highly experienced and seasoned tantra practitioners. But nothing is less accurate. It is also possible for you. And yes, it takes some practice. And yes, there is also some tantric knowledge and experience involved, but in fact, it is a viable card for anyone to achieve a very satisfying orgasm.

A full body orgasm lasts considerably longer than a peak orgasm, which is limited to the pubic area and often lasts for up to a few minutes. In a full-body orgasm, the orgasmic energy is spread over the entire body, spreading the pleasure to the fingertips and toes.

What is a full-body orgasm?

A full body orgasm is an orgasm in which a high level of sexual arousal has been built up, and the sexual energy can flow freely through the body through relaxation, breathing techniques, and emotions. When reaching climax, unlike a regular orgasm, muscle contractions occur throughout the body, with pleasure and emotions triggering a state of bliss. The cocktail of neurotransmitters and hormones that take possession of the mind in a body orgasm is almost indescribable. Many experts describe it as a “supreme form of pleasure” or “cloud nine.”

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How do you get a full-body orgasm?

In fact, there are two main ways to achieve full body orgasm:

  1. The tantric approach: in this way, the emphasis is on breathing, touch, building up energy and tension, and a lot of patience. To better understand the tantric approach, it is wise to read the article on tantric masturbation.
  1. The Stacking Approach: In this way, different sensations and erogenous zones are stacked for building up tension. Consider the secondary erogenous zones such as the nipples, the ears, and the neck. The primary erogenous zones are the clitoris/vagina and the penis/scrotum.

With a regular orgasm, the primary erogenous zones, the genitals, are being stimulated. The orgasmic energy that is built up in this process is limited to those areas of the body. During a climax, that energy discharges explosively. Still, the discharge is only minimal compared to a full-body orgasm. By stimulating and charging more body parts, the climax can be experienced throughout the body, up to the hands and feet.

How do you build the tension for a full-body orgasm?

To achieve a full-body orgasm, you have to go through several steps. Don’t worry. It’s not that complicated that you have to put a list on your nightstand that you need to check off. Below I describe the steps you need to take for optimal stimulation so that you can fully enjoy a crushing orgasm, one of which you really need to recover.

Tip 1 Build up the tension slowly

It is essential during the first phase to feel comfortable and relaxed. You know that – given the patience, you will have to muster – that it will be a while before you reach a climax. But you know that a long build-up to an orgasm equals a corresponding climax, so a bang! Start by gently touching your partner’s or your secondary erogenous zones. Gently pat, lick, tickle, experiment with pressure, and massage these areas of the body to get aroused. During this phase, avoid touching the primary erogenous zones at all costs or at most as a tease to increase arousal.

During this phase, you can safely use a toy, such as a vibrator, vibrating egg, or dildo, as long as it is to build up the tension and not to stimulate the vagina or penis directly.

Tip 2 Work on your breathing and relaxation

Breathing and relaxation are directly related. In a tense body, breathing is less deep and considerably faster than in a relaxed body. For a full-body orgasm, you must be nice and comfortable so that the accumulated energy can “flow” as freely as possible. Make sure you stay relaxed, even during the stimulation. Normally, as the sexual tension builds, you would hold your breath. It now helps to breathe slowly and especially deeply.

Close your eyes and relax your muscles with relaxed attention. You will notice that as you relax more that while enjoying the stimulation, a shock (you) will pass through your body every now and then. That’s a good sign because it means your body is relaxed, and the energy is starting to circulate.

If you are unable to breathe slowly and deeply, then you may also be panting. Realize that the faster and more intensely you pant or breathe, the sooner you will reach orgasm. If you have only just started with the stimulation, it is wise to let the excitement level off again and slowly rebuild it.

Tip 3 Make a noise

During the stimulation, you can show that you like it. By moaning softly, making noises, growling, or making other noises, you release tensions in your body. In tantric philosophy, the higher frequencies correspond to the upper chakras, while lower frequencies release tension in the lower chakras.

And if you take the neighbors into account, don’t do it once! You will find that the more you let yourself go, the more satisfying your full-body orgasm is.

Tip 4 Move your whole body

Most people stimulate the pubic area, which is the only thing in the whole body that moves while they are still in a cramp. As indicated in step 2, it is important to relax consciously. That way, the energy can be released and flow freely. You have to know that our unexpressed emotions get stuck in our muscles and form a kind of armor there.

When you relax, you will notice that at some point, no shocks go through your body and that your pelvis starts moving rhythmically with the stimulation. This is called “myotonia” in medical terms, a phenomenon in which involuntary muscle contractions occur. You can see this in the sometimes very cramped faces of people who are approaching a peak. So, in order to “space” the natural movements, it is important to keep relaxing and let yourself “dance” on the waves of pleasure in a natural, relaxed way. You will first notice that your hips start to move naturally.

Tip 5 Relax but tighten the right muscles

Although you constantly focus on relaxation during the build-up of the sexual energy, there are only a few small muscle groups that you can tighten. They are the pelvic floor muscles with which you “pump” the sexual energy through your body. Practice it beforehand when you urinate. You hold your pee for a moment. These are the muscles that you also have to contract rhythmically during the build-up to a full body orgasm.

A beginner’s mistake is to tighten the abdominal or butt muscles while contracting these muscles because this blocks the released energy. It takes a little practice, but make sure you learn to isolate these small muscle groups. Both men and women benefit from training these muscles because they tighten very powerfully during orgasm. When these muscles are well developed, they make orgasm even more intense.

Toys you can use for a full-body orgasm

Sex toys for women

You can use toys to make the total body stimulation more playful and intense. You can choose an ice cube in the summer, a vibrating egg, or a vibrator to stimulate the nipples or other erogenous zones, for example. Some like to be stimulated with a head massage spider. Others find a vibrator or a cold steel toy more pleasant for stimulation.

Sex toys for men

Most male toys are for stimulation of the penis. Men can also quickly become aroused by a vibrating egg or vibrator by stimulating the nipples or the balls with it. You can use a prostate stimulator to give an extra dimension to a full-body orgasm.

Playing with energy for a full body orgasm

Especially if you have had sex with someone of the opposite sex, you will have noticed that you have both probably acted “against the traffic.” Men like to start with the primary erogenous zones – both with themselves and their partners. Women begin with the secondary erogenous zones, exactly the other way around. This often causes a discrepancy in the natural flow you are in and can seriously spoil the act if you have just started and are excited.

Within the tantric philosophy, which turns out not to be so vague when you examine it a little more closely, is all about spreading sexual energy. In order for both men and women to work together as well as possible, it is important to know how you can make this distribution work optimally.

For the women:

In order to induce a full-body orgasm in men, women can best start with the primary erogenous zone, so at the penis and balls. Once the man is aroused, the energy from there can be spread throughout the body by stimulating the secondary erogenous zones.

For the men:

Do not start directly with the vagina because, for women, it works the other way around. So start at the secondary erogenous zones and work from there to the vagina and clitoris.

In summary: with men, you work from the inside (primary) to the outside (secondary), with women (secondary) from the outside to the inside (primary).

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Experiencing an orgasm is, of course, a great experience in itself, let alone a full-body orgasm. Even a full-body orgasm has an “upgrade.” Yes, indeed, because if you also add emotion to this, then you really have the full package!

Especially when you experience a full-body orgasm with a partner, it is particularly beautiful and nice to add emotions. Touches from love feel very different from purely functional touches. Eye contact with your partner can also intensify the experience. By maintaining as much eye contact as possible, you can experience a particularly intense and memorable orgasm. Constant eye contact and loving touch cause an increase in oxytocin, the bonding hormone. By experimenting with your partner, you can continue to fine-tune your sexual experiences and take each other to seventh heaven.

Although alone is also alone, you can also add “emotion” on your own. By simply using a mirror in which you look at yourself. You can choose to only look at your face when you are pampering yourself or by looking at your whole body. Experiment and look yourself in the eye as you enjoy. Especially when you do this for the first time, a world will open up for you.

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