Dream board: this is how you put the Law of Attraction to work

Dreamboard How To Make A Vision Board

Have you ever heard of a dream board? Or have you ever wondered how a dream board could help you achieve your goals? Everyone has experienced how frustrating it can be to dream but not be able to achieve your goals in their lifetime. Some even fail to take steps towards their goals.

The fact that you are reading this now marks the turning point for you. After reading this article about dream boards, you are going to put the Law of Attraction to work. Have you ever wondered why you had to deal with setbacks? Or why the whole world was against you? Either way, from now on, you will pursue your goals constructively. In this article, I will explain how a dream board is essential in this regard.

What is a dream board?

Dream boards, also called vision boards, are visual tools that help you define one or more life goals and help you to keep focus. In doing so, you cut out images from magazines, print photos that you found online, or make drawings of the things that symbolize success for you. What does your ideal situation look like? What kind of car do you have? What does your dream house look like? What quotes motivate you to get where you want to be? How do you see your life if you have your dream job with a corresponding top salary? What does your second home in the Caribbean look like?

John Assaraf’s dream board from The Secret

Dream boards are part of various personal development processes. Many famous and wealthy people can endorse its effectiveness. In the documentary The Secret, John Assaraf tells how he once made a dream board. A photo of his favorite home was also part of his vision board. Years later, he lived in a beautiful house and cleaned up some old things. He came across his dream board from years ago, and what did he find out? He lived in the dream home from the dream board of years ago! Not a look-alike, but the exact house!

This article will show you how a dream board works and give you ideas about how to create a successful vision board to visualize your goals. With the instruction below, I will explain how to get started and how the universe will help you achieve your goals.

How to make a dream board?

Creating a dream board starts with collecting images and inspirational quotes. You must choose these images carefully, because as you saw in the example of John Assaraf, the selected picture may turn up in reality later in life. So, if you are looking for your great love, don’t be too stingy with yourself and indulge in the most beautiful, most prosperous, or most successful man or woman you know.

When you are working on your dream board, it’s important to think broadly: you can include everything that symbolizes success for you. Use cut-out photos, homemade photos, quotes, and positive affirmations that reinforce your heart’s desire.

How do dream boards work?

Now that you have already read a lot about dream boards, you want to know their use. Your dream board is a visualization tool. By looking at your dream board every day for 15 minutes and fully empathizing with all those “delights,” you are building the neurological hardware of your future self, of the one who you are when you have achieved your goals.

So when you look at your dream board, focus on how you will feel when you have achieved your goals. For example, how does it feel to look out over the Mediterranean from your terrace on the mountain top? What does the interior of your brand new Mercedes AMG smell like? How does it feel to stroll through Paris packed and covered with new clothes? You must empathize with this as much as possible. The most important thing is to start at the end: feel gratitude for what you have achieved.

Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden explain that this has to do with our universe’s holographic nature. According to them, our emotions are the language of the universe. When we feel successful, the universe’s holographic effect reflects what we radiate, so it will make us successful.


If we are skeptical about this instruction’s operation, then there will be only a half-baked result. The countless people who have preceded you with making dream boards will be able to confirm how well it has worked for them. They will also tell you how important it is to be convinced of how dream boards work and everything we wish for in our lives. It’s important to know that we can train our beliefs.

What should your dream board look like?

There are not any specific requirements for a dream board. But there are some recommendations to make it work for you.

Make it specific

Firstly, a dream board helps to show you what really matters to you. What makes your heart beat faster? What makes you jump outta bed in the morning? Before you start putting together your dream board, you may have only a vague idea of ​​what exactly you want, but the right images, quotes, and affirmations will make your goals specific.

You can imagine it as: I want a nice car (abstract). What kind of car? A big? A sports car? Red? Black? Leather interior or not? Make your goals specific!


The second good reason to work with dream or vision boards is that you think in terms of possibilities while pursuing your goals. Your success formula is critical, and you are not hindered by thoughts such as “that is not possible after all” or “I don’t deserve that”. No, there are no restrictions with this way of visualization. Why would you give yourself private label clothes when you can afford haute couture?

Positivity / constructive

Third, it helps to distract you from negative thoughts, doubts, and self-criticism. Your dream board constantly reminds you of the better future you are working on. You are building on realizing your dream life. No one or nothing can hold you back.

Mental rehearsal

By looking at your dream board every day, experiencing what it’s like to have achieved your goals, and thus building the neurological hardware in the brain, you condition yourself to be successful. It’s the power of repetition that plays a vital role in making visualization work for you successfully.

The repetition of visualization is also called mental rehearsal, a technique often used by top athletes and successful business people. During the process of mental rehearsal, you go through the process necessary to achieve your goals step by step. This is the technique of champions, of wealthy people, and of successful media moguls.

Success stories with dream boards

If you want to know how to make a dream board that works, it is helpful to look at examples of celebrities who have used this technique to achieve their success. In NLP, this is called modeling: mapping out what someone who is already successful thinks, does, which steps he/she takes, etc. Actors, singers, artists, life coaches, and entrepreneurs all use dream boards to achieve success. It doesn’t matter your specific goals because this visualization technique can always be tailored to your specific goals.

The following examples show how vision boards can be used. These dream board success stories will also give you a deeper insight into the power of this popular visualization technique.

John Assaraf and his dream board

John Assaraf is a top entrepreneur and, in his work,, both individuals and companies make the most of their talents and overcome obstacles to their dreams. He has written several bestsellers, and these have been translated into more than 30 different languages. He is also the founder of NeuroGym, a concept that focuses on brain training programs based on the latest neuroscience discoveries. If you want to delve further into dream and vision boards, then I advise you to read the books by John Assaraf.

He already mentioned his dream boards in the movie The Secret, where he explained how he had used vision boards in many different aspects of his life. For example, he once used one to design his ideal home, with all the specific, unique features he could want. He didn’t look at the sign for a while, but one day (about five years later), he remembered that it was a perfect fit for a house he’d moved in! This is a testament to how dream signs can help, even if they are not at the forefront of your attention.

Other visualization techniques

In addition to dream and vision boards, there are other visualization techniques. The most powerful I’ve come across is Mind Movies, an online tool that allows you to create your personal success video and edit your own empowering music in it. More information about this can be found on the Mind Movies website.

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