Daily Affirmations: Experience the power of positive self-talk

Daily affirmations

Many people still underestimate the power of the spoken. Each statement sees the “light of life” as soon as it is spoken or thought. Whether it is positive or negative, over time, these words grow and often become the truth. So you better make sure your statements are positive. An excellent way to make yourself feel positive is to make daily affirmations.

When you consider the statement “thoughts equate to things”, it is undoubtedly worthwhile to let this sink in. Are you as positive as you think in everyday life? Or could it perhaps be even more positive?

By opening ourselves up to the fact that we ourselves are at the helm of our thoughts and thus are responsible for how we feel (outside of physiological ailments), we can use this realization to give our lives a positive spin.

Negative statements

Your life is the result of your choices. Every day I talk to people in my area who complain about stuff “happening to them” avoid their responsibilities. Everything “happened to or affected” them, and they “are waiting for a miracle”, where they are delivered from all misery. They have brought about the same misery upon themselves with their constant negative statements and attitudes.

Throughout our lives, we let others tell us who we are instead of choosing our own identity. In many cases, this is the result of uncertainty. Many people who feel insecure are “externally referenced,” that is, what others think of them is important.

They dress in designer clothes, talk to others, and often don’t have an opinion of their own, only if they have first heard the opinion of another and then say, “Yes, I agree.” They are looking for confirmation of their own identity.

Positive thoughts

Positive thoughts are invaluable. The thoughts you have and the statements you make have a direct impact on the subconscious. This is because the subconscious mind cannot judge the difference between a fact-based thought and an imagined thought.

So do you have a desire to get rich? Do you want to start a new relationship? Then be sure to enrich your life with positive daily affirmations!

When you constantly tell yourself that you are fat, shy, lazy, or unsuccessful (whether it is true or not), it will be reflected in your day-to-day reality. The power of positive affirmations can break this pattern, and by “bombarding” yourself with positive thoughts and statements, you create positivity for yourself in the now and in the future.

Daily affirmations

By planning a number of moments for yourself every day in which you positively encourage yourself, you can transform your life and take advantage of a lifestyle that you never thought possible before. It only takes one positive thought to initiate the transformation process.

When change is needed in your life, it starts with changing your thoughts. And since this is a conscious action, you can never again deny that it is not your fault!

When making affirmations, the power lies mainly in repetition. When you think and express your positive thoughts, you build the neurological network necessary to achieve your goals. You train your brain and your subconscious mind to see these affirmations as absolute truth.

When you use these affirmations as a tool for change in your life, there are three critical steps you must take to make them successful.

The power of daily affirmations

Write down your affirmations. The important thing is that you write them down in the present tense and as if you have already achieved your goals. So not “I want… ..”, but “I am grateful for my wealth, my relationship, etc..”

To attract positive change in your life, you must send positive energy into the universe. The best way to do this is to show gratitude, gratitude for everything that “happened” to you as if you have already achieved your goal. So you already feel yourself as you will feel yourself in the desired situation. And as Joe Dispenza explains it so beautifully: “Combine a positive emotion with your affirmations, and the goal will come to you.”

Repeat your affirmations as often as possible. The more often you repeat and engage with your affirmations, the more deeply the message becomes ingrained in your mind and absorbs into your subconscious mind. Think especially of the added positive emotion !!

Good places to keep your written affirmations are on the bathroom mirror, on a vision board, or even better, in a Mind Movie.

Examples of affirmations

Examples of daily affirmations are:

  • Every day I get a little better in every sense.
  • I am happy with my new relationship.
  • It feels great to be a millionaire.
  • I enjoy my new car.
  • I feel confident and relaxed in public spaces.
  • Money flows to me in abundance.

These are just a few examples of positive affirmations. Of course, you can tailor the affirmations completely to the situation you want.

Take your daily affirmations to the next level

With meditation and NLP techniques, you are able to add extra power to your affirmations. In a meditative state, you have direct access to your subconscious mind. This allows you to “plant” your affirmations in your subconscious mind more easily and effectively. Just think of hypnosis, where a hypnotherapist imprints new beliefs so that your complaints disappear.

Another way to make your affirmations more powerful is to work with submodalities. Submodalities are the properties of our fields of observation: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory (odor), and gustatory (taste), or within NLP in short VAKOG.

By closing your eyes and speaking your affirmations, you can intensify your experience with the submodalities. You can visualize your target with your eyes closed, brightening the colors and sharpening the image. You can make the sounds that reach your goal a bit louder and the scent that goes with it a bit stronger.

You can see working with submodalities a bit as if you were sitting at a mixing console: you determine how your perception is and how intense you experience it.

To combine your affirmations with the Law of Attraction, you also put the universe to work to accomplish your goals. The universe does not give you what you want but what you experience. So if you experience positive emotions and, for example, wealth, the universe will give you this. So it is important to feel rich or happy in the meantime.


As you can see, daily affirmations can go a long way in achieving your goals. Just as people with a negative attitude to life attract unpleasant situations into their lives, it works the other way around for people with a positive attitude to life.

The most important thing is to combine your affirmations with a positive feeling. Practice makes perfect, so get started right away! You can listen to this video with headphones to get an impression.

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