Connect with the heart and live from your heart intention

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In our Western society, we are constantly inundated with tsunamis of information. We often get news first-hand from people who share their experiences live via social media, even before the news media share them. The speed with which we have to process all these facts still seems to be increasing. It may not be surprising that our perceptual filters have to filter this overload of information into manageable pieces that our brains can grasp. The question is: how do we deal with this? The answer lies in living from your heart intention.

Stay grounded and connect with the heart

In order to stay grounded and balanced in our busy society, it’s essential to make and maintain a connection with the heart. Some people will immediately wonder how to connect with the heart. Do not fear because it really doesn’t require you to be spiritual, and it’s also straightforward.

In recent decades, the pace at which we process information has increased even further, and that is causing stress. Many people suffer from stress issues and don’t know how to break through these patterns that are, in fact, the gateway to burnout or a physical illness.

Connecting to the heart is an easy way to take a moment of rest. The tips below can help you calm yourself down, so you also develop more resilience to deal with stressful circumstances.

Tips for heart intention

With the tips below, you develop a solid basis to get through every day without a break:

  • Start each day by establishing a heart intention. What is your goal for the day? Make sure you don’t bet too high to avoid disappointment. Make sure you formulate a positive goal to make your day a bit more beautiful. Observe how your heart feels about this.
  • Make it a daily habit to connect with your heart. You do this by “being aware of yourself,” simply being aware of who you are, where you are, and how you feel, without any judgment. You just need to perceive. You can do this once in a while, but the more you do this, the more proficient you become and the more powerful it will work for you.
  • For this, you look for a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed. Fold both hands over your heart area, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel your heart region warming and make a combination with positive emotion, such as a feeling of joy or gratitude. Hold this feeling and intensify it by using submodalities.
  • Appreciate the people around you. Consider that everyone is doing his / her best or doing the best that is within his or her ability at this time.
  • Take in the environment as well. Breathe in the fresh air and look amazed like a child at everything that surrounds you: buildings, a park, a mother with a child. Smile and connect with your surroundings.
  • Try to live in slow motion, even if only for a few minutes, to experience what it feels like. Do you see how everyone around you flies from one place to the other? Do you now realize that you usually also participate in this rat race?

By connecting with the heart, you can withdraw yourself from the stressful society. Your heart gives you directions, but it’s crucial you know how to follow them.

By simply folding your hands over the heart area and evoking a positive emotion, your heart will get to work for you. Yes indeed! It’s that simple! Inhale as you visualize a warm feeling flowing in and out of your chest. Experience a feeling of gratitude, gratitude for everything that comes and goes on your life path.

This exercise is so simple that some people laugh about it without even experiencing it. But it is the simplicity that makes this exercise so powerful. Try it and experience it!

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