5D Relationships: transform your relationship from 3D to 5D

5D Relationships

The period in which we’re living is a transition period. You probably have heard about it before: from 3D to 5D. But where is 4D? Do we skip it? 4D, or the fourth dimension, is time. The transformation from 3D to 5D also applies to our relationships.

For this reason, our relationships aren’t future-proof and need a radical redesign. The current paradigm doesn’t work any longer, and almost a third of relationships end in despair. People are dissatisfied with love and their relationships. For a relationship to succeed, we will have to transform them from 3D into 5D relationships.

For laypeople, the terms 3D and 5D may sound far too spiritual and intangible. So, for simplicity’s sake, we will not put up a fuzzy story about spiritual states that most people cannot identify with. I’ll walk you through this so everybody can understand.

What is 5D consciousness?

5D essentially has nothing to do with 2D, 3D, and 4D (Spacetime). 5D is a state of consciousness that transcends all that is material. Thus, 5D is a heightened state of consciousness characterized by high vibration or a high frequency that our physical body emits.

For the past thousands of years, we as humans have been developing our consciousness. There have been times when we have blindly followed leaders, but also periods when the process of consciousness accelerated and an empire fell. Think, for example, of the fall of the Roman Empire.

Advancing insight teaches us that we are fortunate to be able to influence our awareness process consciously. In the last few years, in particular, awareness has been taken off. More and more people don’t watch TV anymore and don’t just blindly accept what politicians dictate to us. Nowadays, we go and investigate ourselves in order to find our truth.

Ascension from 3D to 5D shifts our consciousness from our physicality (the physical) to energetic perceptions and inner knowing. In effect, there is an energetic upgrade.

5D and frequencies

5D is all about frequencies. These frequencies are related to our emotions. Low frequencies are associated with feelings of anger, resentment, sadness, and fear. High frequencies represent emotions like joy, gratitude, and connection.

It was HeartMath Institute in the US that first made these emotions measurable and found that negative emotions caused specific heart rhythm patterns. Positive emotions on the sensitive SQUID measuring device produced a harmonious pattern, a sign of heart coherence. And heart coherence has a high frequency.

The idea is that if you maintain a high frequency by living in gratitude and love, then you will synchronize yourself with the vibration of 5D, a higher form of consciousness.

5D and negativite emotions

When you live from a sense of gratitude and love, there are always outside influences. For example, how can you be grateful for a war that you see unfolding before your eyes? And how can you go to sleep grateful when there are food shortages?

Indeed, these are pitfalls, but also realize that your positive emotions affect at least ten people around you. And if these ten people who in turn also influence ten people each also participate, you can improve the world together. This so-called Super Radiance effect creates a global frequency increase, which causes negativity to dissolve on its own.

However difficult it can sometimes be not to let yourself be influenced by negativity in your environment, always realize that with your consciousness, you can direct your emotions and regain control of your positive feelings and your frequency.

Why from 3D to 5D relationships?

At this new beginning in human history, we experience a significant shift from 3D to a 5D consciousness. You’ve probably heard about the Great Awakening that’s going on worldwide. When the planets aligned in our universe in 2012, it meant the energetic collapse of the system we lived in. This coincided with the Equinox procession, a galactic alignment that occurred every 26,000 years and ended on December 21, 2012. Many people believed the Mayan calendar indicated that moment as the end of the Earth, but it was definitely the end of an era.

Because of these alignments, the energy of the Earth changed, and the magnetic poles of the Earth are spinning, so you see changes in the weather and the energy (Schumann resonance). These changing energies also affect our way of thinking and our consciousness as they overlap to a great extent the frequency of our brainwaves.

The Maya culture predicted this event centuries ago and already knew that for the next 13,000 years, we will be dealing with feminine energy that will work out very differently from the masculine energy in which we lived. This shift is related to the transition from 3D to 5D that is currently underway. This transition also affects our relationships.

5D Love: Cosmic consciousness goes beyond high sensitivity

The terms of highly sensitive people and kids, HSP and HSK, are well known. Much has been written about this subject. What you feel, see and hear around you: these terms don’t cover a growing group of children and adults with cosmic consciousness.

In 5D love, a cosmic consciousness goes much further than high sensitivity. People with a cosmic consciousness are always highly sensitive, but highly sensitive people do not always have cosmic consciousness.

We are all onboard the “Ascension Express.” One does not notice it (yet) much, while the other has a hard time, both physically and mentally. For some people, it can feel like being shaken up. Everything that no longer suits you, no longer serves you, or can still be healed, comes to the surface to be released and transformed. Again and again, the frequency increases to clean up further and purify your system. They are waves that wash over you.

Once on the Ascension Express, there is no going back. It is the beginning of your spiritual awakening: your journey to your true self and divine spark. The Express train increases in speed and vibration every day, and more and more people feel the increasing energy. Often unconsciously.

Many people feel uncomfortable under the influence of the energies. They experience dizziness, lower back pain, anxiety, and feel emotional and tired. The only way is to go with the flow into 5D love. Make yourself comfortable with meditation, and acceptance to be resilient to the increasing energies around you.

From 3D to 5D relationships

The transition from the old to the new paradigm isn’t bad, but it requires us to put our relationships in a different light. The energetic changes (like the Schumann Resonance) currently taking place are forcing us to rethink our love relationships, at least if we want them to succeed. The completion of the old system forces us to move towards “conscious love.”

What exactly are 5D relationships?

In a conscious 5D love relationship, both partners feel committed to a common goal, and that goal is common growth. Many people focus on a relationship mainly to meet their own personal needs. This may work for a few years, but eventually, the relationship ends, leaving us both missing a connection and left with a bad feeling.

When two people come together to grow together, the relationship pays off in an outcome of more than “one and one is two.” The partnership becomes a journey of development, and the two individuals have the opportunity to grow more than they could grow on their own. The result is deep satisfaction and a long-term fulfillment.

Some people prefer short-term relationships or keep themselves trapped in the old paradigm because that feels familiar after all, even though they know it doesn’t serve them. However, if you want to take your romantic relationship to the next level, the following qualities characterize conscious 5D relationships.

1. The outcome of the relationship is of secondary importance. Growth is paramount

Just because the relationship’s outcome is minor doesn’t necessarily mean that you can pull the plug at any time to continue your journey. No, how you grow together and separately is paramount in the relationship. It means that you are more committed to experiencing growth than to make the relationship work.

One of the main reasons for life on Earth is that we are here to grow. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When this growth stops, we automatically have the feeling that something has gone wrong, a sense of failure. Because without growth, we don’t fulfill the purpose of our soul.

3D relationships tend to stifle this growth with personal interests rather than reinforce them. This is one of the main reasons why 3D relationships often end prematurely.

We want our partners to act in a certain way in the relationship, act and suppress ourselves in order to please others. We often quickly feel small, oppressed, and amazed at how we have changed ourselves with it. The termination of such a relationship often feels inevitable, gives the idea of ​​being able to escape, yet this escape is an illusion because we have often locked ourselves up by conforming to the 3D principles.

A conscious 5D couple values ​​both partners’ growth more than anything because they know it’s the secret to keeping their relationship vibrant and alive. While growth can be scary for some people – it takes us out of our comfort zone, of course – there is a willingness to do so, as it will ultimately benefit both. Conditionality, which often plays a vital role in 3D relationships, lapses within 5D relationships, where partners openly discuss their spiritual needs and where common goals are a core value.

2. Both partners take care of their troubles

In conscious 5D relationships, both partners take care of their shit. They both know, of course, that they are both carrying a backpack with past experiences, and those emotional “wounds” shouldn’t be a burden on the relationship.

This, of course, requires some resilience. Still, fortunately, conscious couples know how they can be there for each other to take care of each other during challenging times and keep enough distance not to be drawn into this emotionally.

Within the old 3D paradigm, most of us still believe that relationships should only feel good and that when bad feelings come up, something has gone terribly wrong. We often do not realize that these negative emotions stem from our own perceptions and are based on our past experiences. Our partners do not play a role in this but are often the ones on which we project these negative emotions ourselves.

The conscious couple is willing to examine and discuss past and present challenges in relationships. In this way, they learn to understand each other better, put each other’s perceptions into perspective, and evolve together into a resilient relationship.

3. All feelings are admitted and can be openly discussed

In conscious 5D relationships, there is room for all feelings. Both partners can discuss positive and negative emotions and uncertainties, fantasies, and other matters normally considered taboo within the paradigm of a 3D relationship.

While most couples used to avoid these kinds of conversation topics, now they can discuss freely, and that pays off in an open relationship, where both partners are there for each other.

In a conscious relationship, it is customary to remain authentic and respect each other. Kneading and manipulating each other as it was done before to promote self-interest is a thing of the past because it stifles love.

The best cure is honesty: revealing parts of ourselves that can be hard to trick. And so should our partners. This leads to us feeling seen and truly understood, a combination that will only strengthen ourselves and our relationships.

4. The relationship as a workplace for practicing love

Love, of course, is a matter of doing. In a relationship, the little things are great as long as they are put into practice. A relationship stands or falls with acceptance, being present, forgiveness, and being open to your partner.

Some people are constantly striving for optimal conditions in their relationships. They walk on eggs, constantly please their partner, and feel frustrated when there is a “lukewarm moment”.

Love is a journey and not a destination. If you keep that in mind, then all the different nuances of a relationship are suddenly much more beautiful and worth enjoying. 5D relationships are partnerships that put love in a different perspective, offer freedom for both partners, but on the other hand also provide security, since both can be vulnerable without being judged about it.

Frequently asked questions

How can I stimulate 5D love in my relationship?

Stimulating 5D love in your relationship involves nurturing your partner on a deeper level of connection, consciousness, and spirituality. There are several approaches that help you foster a 5D love in your relationship:

  1. Cultivate mindfulness: By cultivating mindfulness you both practice being fully present in your interactions with your partner. Pay close attention to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment, and strive to be fully present in the moment. When you and your partner both practice mindfulness, you can deepen your connection and create a sense of shared presence and awareness.
  2. Communicate openly and authentically: Being emotionally closed in a relationship is killing for your partner. Foster open and honest communication from both sides. Share your thoughts, feelings, and desires openly and authentically, and encourage your partner to do the same. This creates a deeper level of intimacy and understanding between the two of you and allows you to connect on a more profound level.
  3. Foster emotional intimacy: Emotional intimacy involves sharing your emotions, vulnerabilities, and deeper self with your partner. Create a safe and non-judgmental space where you and your partner can express your emotions, fears, and dreams. This can help you cultivate a deeper emotional bond and a sense of spiritual connection.
  4. Practice empathy and compassion: By cultivating empathy and compassion towards your partner, you seek to understand their perspective, emotions, and experiences with an open heart and mind. Show kindness, understanding, and forgiveness towards each other, and strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment for your relationship to thrive.
  5. Explore spirituality together: Explore spiritual practices together, such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or energy healing. Visit workshops and involve training. Most important is to both get out of your comfort zone, because that’s where you grow together. Explore shared spiritual interests, beliefs, and practices that resonate with both of you. This way you can create a sense of a shared spiritual journey and enhance your connection on a deeper level.
  6. Honor individuality and growth: In a 5D relationship it is important to respect each other’s individuality and personal growth journeys. Of course, you have your shared journey but also support each other’s personal development, dreams, and aspirations, and encourage each other to evolve and grow as individuals. This can foster a sense of mutual support and empower your relationship.
  7. Practice unconditional love: It’s a misconception that unconditional love means that you have to accept anything, including misbehavior from your partner. It does involve accepting and loving your partner as they are, without judgment or conditions. Foster a mindset of love, compassion, and acceptance towards your partner, and strive to create a relationship that is built on a foundation of love that transcends limitations and conditions.

Fostering 5D love in a relationship is a continuous journey that requires continuous effort from both partners. It’s important to communicate openly, be willing to explore deeper levels of connection, and respect each other’s individuality and spiritual beliefs. Have open and meaningful conversations about your spiritual beliefs, experiences, and insights for more understanding. Each relationship is unique, so be sure to tailor these suggestions to your specific dynamics and beliefs.



What is a 5D relationship?

A 5D relationship transcends a traditional 3D relationship through increased spiritual or soul connection. In a 5D relationship, both partners feel more aware and involved in personal growth and spiritual development. Within the kin, deep connected connections, spiritual and mutual support for each other’s take priority over physical (3D) matters.

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